Month: February 2020

Done with A Realm Reborn


Playing a little WoW and a lot of Final Fantasy XIV, the main scenario quests (MSQ) is the only way to unlock the game and its many features, any new player will do all these quests , the MSQ does not allow you to skip parts of the story, you can’t go to the next expansion zones if you didn’t finish the MSQ for the previous expansion.

ARR take the player from level 1 to 50 but in my case i reached level 53 by the end of it, the story arc is intriguing, it introduce the main antagonist faction which the player will face over and over and in every expansion, in ARR they are behind most major events.

The game showed many NPCs and many of them are interesting, it even managed to make me care about them too much, i followed their own stories and i try to talk with them every time the story progress, they change what they say as the story unfold, they are not static NPCs who stay in one place for 10 years and never change!


FFXIV story is the strongest aspect of the game, you have to be interested in the story to play this game, if you don’t care about the story much then you may find it difficult to keep playing it, because ARR quests have so many fetch quests, go there quests (Sometimes just 10 steps away!), kill mobs quests and so on, the story itself takes a long time to move on to the next chapter.

Add to that the group content, to finish the ARR MSQ you need to do:

  • 12 Dungeons
  • 10 Trials (one raid boss)

At first i was ok with doing dungeons, then it became too much for me, add to that the waiting time for each dungeon or trial, it felt tedious, from what i read in different websites, the next expansion fix some of these issues or at least things get better, i’ll see.

The group content made me sure how i feel about them, i think SWTOR did it right, the story line in SWTOR (another story driven MMO) requires dungeons but it offer a story-mode dungeons where you can do them solo.

I like soloing dungeons at my pace, which is slow and cautious, filled with many screenshots, which is something i can’t do in a group, in FFXIV i have to skip cinematic so i don’t keep other players waiting for me, no time for screenshots.

FFXIV offer a new system in the latest expansion where you go to dungeons with a group of NPCs, i wish this feature is available for the whole game not just one expansion.

Socializing in MMOs could be done in many ways, it does not have to be only group content.ffxiv_23022020_081639_242

I love it! this is an achievement i noticed.

Back to Island Expeditions


After writing about Island Expeditions i didn’t do many of them, i thought i’ll leave them for later, they offer tons of rewards, and Blizzard added more of them since then, you have to keep doing many of them to get any.

Today i did them 7 times and i got 1 mount and 2 pets, 1 cloth transmog item but it was a bracer, so it does not really count 😀

While going to these islands, i love it when i end up with 2 other hunters, all 6 of us are unstoppable, but even heroic expeditions are too easy now.

Now i reached a point where i can for sure know what to do with my main and alts:

  • Main: do every thing, try again not to get Love Rocket mount, enjoy farming some Legion raids.
  • Alts: Do Nazjatar quest line, unlock Heart of Azeroth essences, unlock Mechagon and stay there, also try to not get Love Rocket mount.

At item level 434, my hunter was able to solo normal Legion raids, except Antorus where i did only 2 bosses then i get bored, because they and the mob take long time to kill, better to do it with others.

In fact better to wait for Shadowlands to farm them, if you want to farm them now then do them in groups, better chance to get some transmog items, you can exchange items with others.

Dwarf Heritage Armor


Another Heritage Armor obtained, this time it’s Dwarf armor, and a beautiful short quest line, i won’t write about it because you can read about it in WoWhead or do it yourself, which i think you should do.

On allied races the quest to get the Heritage Armor is simple, reach level 110 then go get your armor, on the original races Blizzard used the armor as a way to insert more lore to the game, and it’s the kind of lore i love so much because it’s not about the cosmic power, it’s about your people and their culture.


The Dwarf heritage armor is … dwarf-ish! i like it except the helmet, those horns need to be like the dwarf guard on the right and smaller, and as usual i hid the helm after this screenshot.

Heritage armor i still need to obtain:

  • Worgen
  • Iron Dwarf
  • Kul Tiran
  • All Horde heritage armor! all 8 of them.

That’s a lot of leveling, i hope Shadowlands is not far.