Month: April 2020

Until Shadowlands pre-patch


My subscription time in WoW is running out, while experience buff was and still is great, i think there is no point in leveling all the alts now when Shadowlands will give us new leveling system and a new starting zone, i want to test both of them.

The reputation buff is useful for some people to catch up, but the two factions i needed are not included, and if it was a buff for all factions i may find a reason to buy more subscription time to grind some reputation.

In this post i just have random thoughts and some screenshots.


Before going back to WoW i must test one or two MMOs and write about them, i have a short list since last year and i haven’t touched any MMO except Tree of Savior, i need to play it more because i haven’t touched it since writing that post.

I checked WoW calendar to see if there is an event i want to participate in, there is nothing interesting for me until August which have Free T-Shirt day! but even that i could skip and wait until Brewfest.


Blizzard may surprise us with Shadowlands pre-patch earlier than many people expected it, the pre-patch will change the systems and the classes but will not release the new content, it may have an event to prepare us to Shadowlands.

In the other hand the covid-19 may cause a delay and Shadowlands may not come until early 2021.

Either way i plan to bring back Nixxle the goblin, i have so much fun trying to roleplay him and writing some detailed story for quests in Kalimdor, i want to do that again.

Bailey isn’t sure about the hunter turning into skeleton monkey!

In a previous post i talked about how i don’t enjoy playing Shaman, now i do, Shaman at low level don’t have enough abilities and procs to make them fun to play, Shadowlands will change them and they seem to be better in Shadowlands, we’ll see.

At last i have this toy from Legion, takes 100k nether shards
Perfect cake for Deathday party


I’m not sure when i’ll go back to WoW, i hope pre-patch comes early so i can go back to level alts, or i may come back for Brewfest.

The Torghast debate


I saw youtubers talking about it, now Blizzardwatch writing about it, and i have something to say.

Torghast is a new system in Shadowlands, many people thought Blizzard will make it like Horrific Visions which many people including me don’t like, but Blizzard did something people love so far, some even love it so much they are asking Blizzard not to gate the entry to the dungeon, limit the rewards but not the dungeon, some people want to go there as much as they can and enjoy playing it.

Here is what i think: don’t limit anything, if someone have the time and the skill to go far then let them do it and let them get rewarded for their skill and achievement.

FFXIV have 2 Deep dungeon, Heaven on High which a player climb a tower and Palace of the Dead where a player go down deeper into a caverns, both of them playable solo or in a group, both of them give experience and rewards, both of them not gated in any way except your level, PotD need level 17 class, HoH need level 61 class.

Both dungeons have timers and this one thing i don’t like, but they offer a places where you can save your progress and come back later.

In Diablo 3 you can run rifts as much as you want, people who spend time with the game reach high levels, the game does not stop them or gate the content, i understand WoW is an MMO and it needs different rules, but for once … i wish Blizzard will not gate the content.

One more note, this kind of contentĀ  where you go into a dungeon and get better upgrades started in Legion with Nightfallen run in Surmar, i don’t remember its name, it is a World Quest, BFA have Horrific Vision which i loved them at first but they started to get annoying then i stopped doing them.

Torghast looks fun and i’m sure we’ll get bored with it after going there for a 100 times, but it should not be gated.

New rams in Shadowlands

My main character is a hunter; i should collect a lot of pets but i don’t, i feel a hunter should have one main pet and few pets to use when needed.

i wish Blizzard bring an idea from Classic where a hunter invest in one pet, not by leveling the pet or feeding it to keep it happy, but by just keep the pet out and use it to levelĀ  … say trust or call it anything else, in the end you get a pet with cosmetic item like a unique armor or color or in case of my gorilla … he need a Fez.


This is Bailey, my main pet, i found him in Stranglethorn while questing there at low level, and he was with me all the way since then, sometimes i use other pets but i go back to him.

Petopia showing Shadowlands new pets, there are so many cool models but there is only one pet i want to tame, i like the Vulpin foxes, the dwarf rams getting new models and they are tamable at last, i’ll add a ram to my stable.

Glimmerflies look so beautiful, but they are flying pets and i can’t stand flying pets, they don’t stop flapping their wings.


Durzzam is retiring

Back to where it all began

It was a long journey, from the Valley of Trials to Broken Isles, Durzzam reached level 105 without quests (almost no quests!) or dungeons or PVP, the goal was to reach 110 but when i reached 105 i thought there is no point of keep doing that, it just a matter of waiting for Legion invasion then wait for another one.

I wrote about Durzzam journey in many posts:

And here is a few quick points:

I have most fun the zones of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, exploring these zones is always fun, and to this day i still find new things i didn’t notice before.

Leveling without quests is a terrible way to level! the portals room does not work or some portals in it do not work unless you unlock the content with quests, i have to ask mages for portals.

WoW need a dynamic content where you gain EXP without doing the usual quests and dungeons, in Draenor there are treasures and bonus activities, these at least should be added in old content.

The world need more secrets, more things to click on, more content that reward the explorers.

Now Durrzam is back to the Valley of Trials, i don’t know what to do with him, i wish the game have a “rebirth” feature like some other MMOS, where the character level goes back to 1 but you keep some high level skills.

For now Durrzam will stay in the valley, i may start questing with him to collect some Horde transmog.