Month: May 2020

In Kormir’s library


Still playing Guild Wars 2, after starting with Path of Fire expansion which led me to new zones i didn’t finish any story content (there is no quests in this game) instead i kept exploring and leveling my mastery which means i have now 3 mounts, i’ll talk about mounts in another post.

Warning: there will be story spoilers if you never played GW2.

After that i went back to the original zones or maps as they are called, i haven’t finished them before so i focused on that, doing renowned hearts, viewing vistas, exploring them and hunt world bosses, lots of things to do all the time, and i finally finished the original content maps.

After that i went back to Elona which is the zones for the Path of Fire expansion, i went back to do story content, the desert face two threats, one is an undead king with undead army which sound like the Lich King but in the desert, the other threat is Balthazar, one of the six gods, he wants to kill the elder dragons and we want to stop him.

The story of GW2 happen in a planet called Tryia, humans are not native to this planet but the aliens who came from somewhere else, the six gods brought the humans with them, that’s why the humans worship the six and you’ll find them in the game saying things like “by the six” and you’ll find statues of the six gods everywhere.

Balthazar urged the humans to fight for their place in this new planet and they did which started a whole history of conflict … we are the bad side here! but Tyria have another threat, the Elder Dragons, the original content of the game was about one of them, you start with local level problems then you jump into becoming the commander of a pact to fight dragons.

The first expansions Heart of Thorns deal with another dragon, but i didn’t finish that story and i jumped into Path of Fire, because of that my character have history of things she didn’t do, people who she know but in reality i didn’t met them before.

Anyway, in Heart of Thorns we learn that killing the dragons is a bad idea because it will accelerate the waking of the big bad dragon … i’m sorry, i haven’t payed attention, i don’t know its name! πŸ˜…

That’s why Balthazar plan to kill dragons is bad, it will bring destruction to the whole planet, and these dragons have a cycle of sleeping and waking, it’s better to contain their threat instead of killing them, that’s what i understood from the story so far.

As the Pact leader i have to search for answers, to stop Balthazar first, i learned that there is a way to visit the realm of the Six Gods, the gods who have left Tyria for a long time and no one saw them for a long time.

We should go to a temple which have a portal to the real of one of the gods, Kormir who was a human before, we are looking for the gods help and guidance, going into the portal in the temple we reached a place in The Mists.


Quickly i found a puzzle which need to collect pieces for it and put them in the right place and rotate the discs in them, this opened another portal to the Sanctum of Kormir, a big library and a truly beautiful place, i spent more than hour here just walking around.



A secret room full of books and scrolls

Kormir was waiting for us, she know already why we are here, she told us why the six god left Tyria and why they can’t help, the mortal races can do it themselves, Balthazar is no longer a god but that does not make him any less dangerous, we have to deal with him first then deal with the crystal dragon.

I’ll keep doing the story content for a while, then maybe move to another game, i like GW2 but this is a chance to try other games since i’m not busy with WoW.

The newspaper man

Syp wrote about magazine demo discs and it reminded me of good old days of 1990s, computers are starting to be every where and now they are not for gaming only, people use them for office work, i’m lucky to be a member of youth club which have a computer lab full of 486 machines.

I started buying computer magazines, then one day i talked to the newspaper man in the area, he is an old man who drive his bicycle around to sell newspaper and magazines, we made a deal; he bring computer magazines to my house and i pay him monthly.

I don’t remember when i met him first time, every week i’ll buy from him comic magazines, and at that time a magazine is a great way to spend time because there isn’t much to do other than going to the beach and walk.

For years i kept paying the newspaper man to bring me computer magazines, sometimes it’s hard to pay him! he bring the magazines in put them in the kitchen and leave, sometimes i find him in driving his bicycle around the neighborhood and start arguing with him, telling him i want to pay him, and he keep repeating “it’s ok, i don’t mind, you’ll pay me later” and always … always with a big smile, i miss him and i miss this trust.

One day he came to my house with a young man, he said he is too old to keep selling newspapers, and this is the new newspaper guy, i payed him last time and never saw him again.

The new newspaper man did exactly what the old one did, put magazines in the kitchen and leave and never care about payment because he is so trusting like the old man.

One day in the morning i was bored and standing in front of the house, i saw him passing by with his bicycle, i asked him to show me what magazines he have, he showed me a lot of them and one car magazine and it was a special edition, it have lots of pages and list of all car manufactures and all the models, i bought it and i have never cared about cars before, now i do because of this magazine.

I miss them both and i miss the 1990s, from time to time i buy magazines when i go to a bookstore, i still prefer to read from paper.

Reed boats in the desert


Starting Path of Fire expansion is exciting and it was better than what i expected, i knew i was going to desert area, and i love deserts in real life and in games, but Guild Wars 2 managed to give me so much more than sand dunes, it’s a desert full of life andΒ  fire, also full of annoying mobs.

The story lead me to the city of Amnoon, a vibrant, colorful city in the middle of the desert and it happens to be a port city connected with other places by the sea, so i combine two things i love so much, i was so happy just walking around looking at stuff, i didn’t even took good screenshots because i was busy admiring the art of the whole place.

In the port i saw these boats:


These are reed boats, an ancient craft still used to this day, people build all kind of boats and ships using just reeds, i wish i can just take one of them and go away from the shore.

Outside the city there is a small village of humble mud houses, i spent a lot of time walking around, i admire this kind of houses and villages in real life and in games, i wish there is housing in this game so i can claim one of these houses.


The music was magical here:

Outside the village there is trouble and the story line take me around a lot of hostile mobs, many of them are annoying with shields to take down or many of them crowded in small places and you can’t fight them one by one, even in the story itself the fights are brutal and seems over-tuned to punish the players!

There is thin line between hard and punishing, and these fights are not fair, when an elite mob takes a lot of time to die and just fell the entire area with unavoidable AoEs it turn the fight into “alright, let’s just get done with it” instead “i can do this”.

Anyway, i’m yet to explore the whole zones, so there is much to see and i’m going to take a screenshot tour around Amnoon.

Going back to Guilds War 2


It’s been a while since i went back to GW2 to play it and progress in the story, so i installed it and i felt lost, i don’t know what to do, i almost uninstall it but then i saw a post in MOP about new episode in GW2 and in the comments i talked about me feeling lost in the game.

Help was sent (thank you everyone) with hints and videos, this list of videos explain gear for all classes and there is a video for each class, i play Ranger with long sword and 2 axes and in the video for the ranger WoodenPotatoes (hehe funny name) recommend these weapons, i just changed some traits and abilities.

Then i went to auction house to buy some gear and runes and i got better stats, the videos explain how to get good gear and abilities for the PVE world which is most of the game, and which most guides for gear ignore to focus on raid gear.

After that i spent some time exploring old zones which many of them still need exploring and finishing the hearts for them, and i feel much stronger now.

I bought Path of Fire expansion and i’m going to start the story line soon.

One more thing, Guild Wars 2 have to be one of the most generous MMOs out there, they shower people with free stuff from time to time which include episodes and free store items, free boosts, free XP items and so on, i like that.

Trying fast food

I remember first time i ate a burger from McDonald’s, it was the early 1990s and it was this new thing that came to our city for the first time, we have KFC and Pizza Hut before that but this new thing? it’s fast food and i have no idea what’s the meaning of this.

My sisters wanted to try it so they send me with a list, McDonald’s have just one place in the city center, so i went there and i waited in the line, i saw how the food is “fast” because people order and they get what they want almost immediately, the small manufacture is making burgers quickly.

I ordered for myself a small burger, went back home and ate it, there was some weird tasting and smelling sauce, was it mustard? i don’t know, whatever it was it manage to convince me not to eat from that place ever again, that was i think in 1992 or 1993.

So 27 years later i tried McDonald’s again, and it changed, i liked the nuggets, i liked the egg muffin thing, the burger? it’s ok.

When it comes to food i prefer healthy food, mostly vegetarian, but from time to time i try anything new for me and different, i now understand why people like the fast food, it’s tasty, cheap and it’s not really bad, but it’s not food i want to eat every day or every weekend, but from time to time? why not.

Huh? i never thought i’ll write about fast food in this weblog, but here we are πŸ˜€

Trying Draenor private server

Remember how Strormwind was in WoD?

I wasn’t planning on doing this, i read a comment talking about how some WoW private servers have different rules and systems, so i searched and i found some interesting servers then i found one Draenor server, i thought i’ll try it.

I wanted to go back to see how Shadow Priest was in WoD, because i have fuzzy memories that shadow priest was better back then, even with removing some abilities that happened in the expansion, but it was my main class and i liked going into LFR and see that i’m in top 3 damage in the raid, and even in the world itself i remember killing mobs while they still far from me, sometimes one-shotting them.

The server is Guldan from Firstorm, and here is quick notes:

  • The are so many bugs, few examples:
    • NPCs that don’t move.
    • Dead critter that move while being dead.
    • Targeting some friendly or neutral NPC and you can attackt them.
    • Some rare mobs spawn many times in the same time.
    • Deadmines have horde NPCs when i walked there with alliance character.
  • Drop rate for cloth and other items is high.
  • Spawning is much faster for many mobs.
  • The server at low level is almost empty.
  • There NPC to give you x10 more exp, one quest can give you a whole level.
  • There is a quest to go to the class trainer who ask you to practice some ability on training dummy.
  • You can’t take a flight if you are mounted (i forgot that!).
That’s 17 years of average waiting time.
+4 Shadow damage … first time to see this
Orc as pet trainer in Dwarf Town!


I miss these Glyphs, i wish for them to come back.

I reached level 27 before writing this post, i’m not planning into playing the server more than that, otherwise i should just go back to original WoW.

I remembered how the zones did not scale and how you have to move to another zone to keep leveling, i thought i’ll miss this but no, i think scaling zones with players is better.

As for shadow priest; the class was powerful as i remember, it was my main and i knew how to play it, Blizzard changed that in Legion and BFA, i watch a streamer who main shadow priest in BFA and raid with it and she says that leveling with shadow priest is bad, slow and painful and i agree, that’s why i went to play hunter as main.

Anyway, that’s all, if blizzard announced WoD classic i will play it πŸ™‚

Trying Ragnarok Online 1 & 2


Ragnarok Online is one of the old MMOs, released in August 2002 in South Korea then it found its way to US in 2003 and Europe in 2004, it’s one of many MMOs i didn’t know until recently and i wish i played it back then.

I saw a video review for someone who played it back when it was released and he have so many good memories with it, the game looks charming, it’s a 3D world but the camera angle is fixed and you can rotate the world but you can’t move the camera, it’s a mix of 3D world with 2D sprite and clearly it was designed so and old PC can play it.

The game play is simple, grind monsters, get gear and grind more, you start with a classless character, then at level 10 you choose your class then with more levels there are advancements and stat points, the gear comes mostly from drops or you can buy it from other players who have their own shops.

There are quests but i haven’t find them engaging or fun, and maybe because i tried to follow quests i haven’t had much fun with the game.

There are ideas i liked about this game and i haven’t tested them yet, because they need a lot of time, for example you start as a Novice until level 10 then you can choose your first class, you can be a Super Novice! you can rebirth and go back to level one with better stats.

There is a Merchant Class, now i find this so cool because it’s different and unique, they can fight and they can carry more items than other classes, and they can open a shop to sell their wares, i don’t know any other game that have this idea.

I made a character and followed the quests trial which was not fun but i kept going, in the first town there was bug which i thought is harmless, tried to kill it but it one-shot me!

I like how the game does not try to hold my hands and guide me, i can go wherever i want and try to kill mobs that one-shot me, which happened for the second time in a field outside the town.

I made another character and this time i went to a place called Eden group which provide quests and gear, took some quests and went to a field to grind mobs, as a novice i have only basic gear and no abilities.

I reached level 10 job and this game have 2 leveling system, base and job, the base is the overall level of the character which was for me 4, and the job level is for the classes, reaching 10 means i can’t level more than that as a novice, so i went to a mage school to be a mage.

Now i have abilities and in this game you choose the ability first then your target, i felt like i’m starting to understand how the game works, but i decided not to keep playing.

The game is old and it needs updating, i wish i can move with the keyboard, i wish the interface is easier to use and updated, and i wish the quests and the NPCs are redesigned to make things easier to understand, for a total new player getting lost and confused is easy.

If i played this in 2003 maybe i’ll have a different opinion on it, but now? i prefer to spend my time in another game.


Ragnarok Online 2 is a different game, 3D and it felt like a generic MMO without a soul, usually i’ll find something charming about any game, i’ll find something i like in any game, but this one i could not find anything i liked, all i was thinking is: why i’m wasting my time playing this? why i’m not playing WoW?

I’m not going to give it another chance, there are other games i wish to try.