Month: July 2020

Enjoying Horrific Visions again

Poor Misha

After watching a video about Horrific Visions i thought i’ll go back and try to upgrade my cloak from 8 to whatever rank i can in one day, these visions start hard and get easier as you do them and upgrade your cloak and the Titan research.

In the past runs i only managed to do one objective of the four, today i upgraded my cloak to 10 and managed to do  2 objectives then 3 and soon i’ll be able to do four of them plus the end boss, as i go deeper into the visions i find more mementos which means unlocking more Titan research.

Today i reached rank 15 for the cloak and i need to farm mementos to unlock the Gift of The Titans which i understand will make these visions easier, after that i’ll just focus on upgrading the cloak and doing all the objectives and unlocking all the research options.

Then just start farming mementos for the backpack and the mount, maybe i’ll try using masks and see if i can manage doing a vision with them, there is also the pets and the Mail Muncher mount, this should keep me busy for a week or two.

Baa’l and The Waist of Time

The Waist of Time, the middle part moves like a clock

After rescuing Uuna i went into a long long, tedious journey to get Baa’l the demonic goat, and then the Waist of Time which lives up to its name, it was a waste of time, again: i love puzzles but not WoW puzzles.

I used Wowhead guides to get the pet and the waist, there is no chance for one player to solve these riddles, Blizzard designed them so a whole community solve them, and that’s alright, i just hope they design something for people, a puzzle one person can solve, it does not need to be easy, but it should not be impossible.

Some parts of this puzzles is frustrating, in one cave there are hidden mobs who one-shot you and you will die at least once in this place, this is not a clever design, this is just a developer who enjoy annoying the players.

There are two places out of the maps in the fatigue zones and you’ll need an addon to find them fast, i’m stubborn so i did it without addons, at one place died then as a ghost i died again from the fatigue!

The worst is for the last, where you have to click a potato 144 times exactly, no more no less, how did people find this out?! and who in Blizzard thought this is a good idea?

Like the Lucid Nightmare; i didn’t enjoy getting these items, the puzzles are designed to torment the players not to challenge them, without guides most people won’t bother doing any of this puzzles, and i think Blizzard should stop doing them, change them so the player can enjoy solving them themselves without the need to read a guide.

One last thing, if i knew the amount of travel i have to make to solve these puzzles, i’ll do it on a mage.

Saving Uuna

In Legion there was few secrets for the community to solve and to get something from them, like the Lucid Nightmare mount which i have but did not enjoy getting it, i love puzzles but not WoW puzzles because they are impossible for one player to solve without outside help, that’s why there is a whole community just for finding WoW secrets.

I know about Uuna the draenei ghost kid but didn’t want to do the whole journey in Legion, yesterday i remember it while i was in Antorus, so why not just do it?

I followed Wowhead guide, it was helpful but i wish they show maps for the locations, or at least describe the place in few words, the guide expect from you to use an addon to guide you to the exact location for any thing, i managed to do it without the addon.

Uuna asking important questions, where is my house Blizzard?!

Clearly the developers wanted to make the players cry with this journey to save Uuna, it is a dark story and by the end you get to have Uuna herself who hugs you from time to time 😭

If you didn’t start working on this secret then it’s time to do it, worth it, also Uuna is important for the next 2 secrets, Baa’l and the Waist of Time

Shadowlands announcement


Blizzard announced the time frame for Shadowlands release and it’s in fall, which is any day between September 21 and December 22, as usual i have conflicted feeling about this, i want late release so i can farm all the things and finish some old content, but i can farm the old content as much as i want even if they released Shadowlands early.

From what i understand, the players will experience a story-line that takes them into the four main zones of the expansion, then at level 60 they can choose which covenant to join.

For my main hunter i chose Ardenweald since Blizzard announced the expansion in Blizzcon, i always thought my hunter is not a game hunting person like Hemet Nesingwary but someone who love nature and animals, so Ardenweald is the one.

With covenants comes many feature that many content maker wrote about or made a video for them so i won’t talk about them, i honestly didn’t read much about them because  i prefer to try them before make any judgment.

Except for the Missions, we have mission tables since Warlords of Draenor and in the end of Legion i thought Blizzard should just stop using this feature, but in Shadowlands they upgrade it to something different, it’s a whole new game, and there is an app for it.

The idea is to give missions more depth, it’s one of many features that we will use in the whole expansion, i hope this new version is interesting enough to change my mind about missions.

Things i’m really excited about in Shadowlands:

  • Customization options for all races, this is a big deal, to have more control over how our characters look.
  • Changing gender is a barber shop option in Shadowlands, not a a service.
  • New interface for character making screen, i hope the character selection screen gets updated.
  • New animation for character making screen.
  • New starting zone.
  • New leveling experience.

Notice that all these are not expansion features, yes they come with Shadowlands but they will remain relevant after the expansion, unlike the Covenants which will be another garrison/class-hall when the next expansion is released.

Sons of Hodir and collecting pets

Bought this Monk PVP transmog set, i love it

So i went back to WoW, i can’t miss the reputation buff for old factions, now of all WoLK factions there is only one remains: the Kalu’ak, the only way to gain reputation with them is doing daily quests.

As for Sons of Hodir, it was really 2 quests that took me from hated to exalted, but you have to start a whole quest line in Storm Peaks, starting with goblins quests in K3, it didn’t take long and it was nice to go back to this zone, the music is beautiful.

2 quests to exalted

Ok now what? i bought mounts and a sword for transmog, then i thought maybe collect Burning Blossom from Midsummer fires? nah, i’ll leave this for another summer, hopefully a summer without covid-19, i thought i’ll go around collecting pets, that’s something i planned to do for a long time.

If i get bored of this i’ll try to collect mounts from rares in N’zoth assault zones.

A mount, a reputation and MMO fatigue


Seems like Blizzard is trying to get me play WoW , they started summer sale for some mounts and pets and among them is the Imperial Quilen which i bought without hesitation, the other thing is reputation buff for WoLK factions, Sons of Hodir need just 2 quests!

As for trying other MMOs,  i just need to test 2 more games, but i have to admit i gave myself MMO fatigue! and i feel the need to settle on playing 2 MMOs, i can’t focus on more than that and when i play WoW it’ll be the only game i play.

Right now i play Maplestory, the other MMOs i tried recently are:

  • Guild Wars 2
  • Lord of The Rings Online
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Neverwinter
  • Ragnarok 1 and 2

Games i want to test:

  • Trove, colorful voxel-based game
  • Rift, feels like WoW

I’m not going to play Neverwinter and Ragnarok games again, the rest? all of them are free to play and i can play them whenever i want, which is what i plan to do, when i’m bored with WoW i can go back to play any of them, and i do enjoy playing them.

It’s good to have all these options, in the other hand; if single-player games can speak i can imagine them being very upset because i neglect most of them 😅

My plan was to go back to WoW in August, i probably will do that soon … like tomorrow soon.