Month: September 2020

All the things, alts and mains

I tried another addon to help me get more addicted to collecting all the things, the addon is useful and it works by showing the player what they can collect from the zone, move to another zone and the list of things change.

While i’m in Twilight Highland i found that there are items drop from a mob called Julak-doom, a world boss! i never read about Cataclysm world bosses before, years of playing WoW and now i learn this? because they are so rare.

For Pandaria world bosses all you need is to be in the same zone and you’ll hear the boss says something to the whole zone, and Blizzard changed the spawn time to make them spawn every 15 minutes, also they made them last few seconds before getting annihilated so players can get a chance to tag them, why Blizzard didn’t do that with Cata bosses?

Again i find myself thinking about changing my main and not being able to do that because my main have most of the reputation, it’s irrational because reputations are shared in the achievements, but Shadowlands offer a chance to play many alts at almost same level, my main can do the quests and the story line while the alts focus on leveling and skip the quests, i’ll see how this works.

Also i’m thinking about healing or tanking.

The only thing that keeps me logging in to WoW now is Brewfest, the event makes me happy, this is what i love about MMOs and now most people stuck inside their houses these events are better, even when i run out of things to do in the fest i just listen to the happy wacky music:

Pre-patch should come soon because every thing i want to do depend on it, mostly leveling alts.

2 Transmog addons i use

I used these two addons for months now, both help with collecting transmog, the first one is mOnar’s WardrobeHelper, it gives you a window with a list of dungeons and raids and how many items left in each one that your character did not collect, this helped me to focus on some bosses instead of trying to clear the whole place.

Better Wardrobe, this one offer something i wish Blizzard did, a tab for all non-raid sets, like questing sets, dungeons sets and many many green sets you find in the world, mostly in classic zones.

Both addons give me something to do when i don’t know what do in the game, it’s not like i run out of things to do but sometimes mindless farming is the only thing i want to do.

The Loremaster

Last week spent in Northrend to get the Loremaster for it and the Loremaster title, i’ve done that at last, and i have the achievement, the title and the tabard.

Northrend is rich with lore but i could not enjoy most of it because i’m in a hurry, i wanted to finish all the quests before Shadowlands, but even if i slowed down i don’t think i’ll be able to read all the quests text, because there are so many of them, most of them tell me to collect this or kill these mobs so they are not that important.

Many of these quests require multiple steps, like find this item from killing mob, use the item on that object, and RNG means that you don’t get the item every time you kill a mob, sometimes i kill the whole place and still don’t get all the items i need.

Anyway, i liked Grizzly Hills and i think it deserve another alt who focus on the lore while questing there, i like The Storm Peaks and how much of it about the Titans and the Titan Keepers, both zones have lore about the dwarves which i loved and i wish to see more of it.

Anyway, now i feel lost because i don’t know what to do next, probably Horrific Visions and dailies.

Loremaster tabard, hard to make good transmog for it.

Soloing BFA dungeons, on normal

When BFA started i was tired of dungeons and raids,  in Legion i did a lot of them and i thought i’ve had enough, still i want to see the dungeons themselves and doing that in a group will not give me a chance to do that, i need to do that solo, so i did, it was easy, having a high level gear and being a hunter makes soloing BFA dungeon too easy.

I tried heroic dungeons and i could not do them, i need at least a healer, i’ll leave them to Shadowlands, i loved the Underrot, i’m sure i’ll have to go there again to collect transmog, also The MOTHERLODE is beautiful, but it reminds me that we are not going back to Kezan, when a WoW developer said we are going back to Kezan i was happy, but i thought it’ll be a zone not a dungeon.

And here is some screenshots

A lake in Atal’Dazar, and you can’t do fishing here, why?!
What is this? i need it as a pet!
The Underrot is so beautiful and terrible, death and decay never looked this good.

BFA is a good expansion


Watching … or rather listening to a WoW streamer is something i do while playing WoW, i hear the streamer answering all kind of questions, there is one question i hear many times is people asking the streamer’s opinion about BFA, and she answer in the same way everytime, she loved BFA, there is so much to do.

This is so different from what i see in the comment sections, people think BFA is the worst mostly because of Azerite gear, comment sections don’t represent the WoW community, just the vocal part of it, but they are so vocal and this include youtubers and Twitch streamers, if some of the content makers share the same opinion about something, you’ll see this idea repeated then embraced as something we all agree on.

But we don’t agree on everything, that’s why some people watching the streamer think it’s weird that she like BFA instead of ranting about what’s wrong with it.

For me? well i think BFA is a good expansion, but i’m casual player, i should not have opinion about this stuff because i’m not Mythic raider … that’s what some commenters think! if you are not hardcore player then you opinion is irrelevant!

I look at the whole expansion and i see so much content, story development even i didn’t like the story, new dungeons and raids, from what i’ve seen and read; people liked these dungeons and raids, islands expedition,

Of course you could see all of this content and still dislike BFA and that’s ok, some people quit the game over the Azerite gear, and that is ok too, but please don’t think that all people share the same idea, some of us liked BFA.

Now Shadowlands coming and both Blizzard and the players are repeating the same thing, Covenants are the new Azerite gear and there is so much debate over how to fix the system, and i’m tired of the whole thing and all i have to say is … meh.

  • Some people ask for perfect balance, that will not happen, even if it did, some people won’t like it.
  • Some people want the Covenants to be cosmetic choice, a good way to end the debate, Blizzard won’t do this, they invested so much time designing the system.
  • Some people want to change the Covenants as they wish, Blizzard want the Covenants to be an RPG system, a choice that matter and not easily changed, this is the major problem for many people.

I understand the both sides, Blizzard want to bring back the RPG in the MMORPG, but they are doing it in a system that we all know it won’t last more than one expansion, building a world or an RPG needs long time commitment, Blizzard don’t want a system that need maintenance for years after the expansion.

On the players side they are afraid that Covenants will become a requirement when joining a Mythic dungeon group or a PUG raid, but this is always the case, i mean right now you can find groups for normal Uldir raid require Ny’alotha AOTC achievement! or mythic dungeon group asking for Heroic Ny’alotha level gear, this happened in every expansion.

Some people think they need to choose the best option to make the best DPS or healing, it depend on the fights, but if Blizzard allowed them to change the covenant easily they will change them between fights for that extra 1% performance, this will make Covenants choice trivial.

I have no solution here, i know i’m not going to make the Covenants a reason to dismiss the whole expansion.

One last thing, sometimes i wonder if it’s better for blizzard to abandon these systems and make gear simple like it was in old expansions, no artifact power, no legendary items, no Covenants, just simple progression gear, like it was from vanilla to Warlords of Dreanor.

Instead of these systems focus on the content and the story, will this be a better option? i don’t know.

So much to do before Shadowlands

Exalted with Klaxxi, i tried new transmog with Klaxxi tabard

Blizzard announced the release date of Shadowlands and suddenly i remember i have to do hundreds of things at once!

First i thought i should work to get Loremaster achievement and title, i finished Pandaria part, now i only need to finish Northrend, i have time before the pre-patch if i focused on this.

But then Blizzard announced Timewalking dungeons, which means i can go farm Timewarped Badges from The Deaths of Chromie scenario, it’s slow but if i keep doing it i can gather more than 2000 badges, which i did weeks ago and i used them to buy reputation tokens for Shado-Pan, i reached exalted and i bought mounts from them.


I got 250 mounts achievement, my mount collection tab tells me i have 283 mounts, which means the game does not count 33 of them! i guess hunter mounts don’t count, but what else?

In Horrific Visions i tried to use 4 masks in Orgrimmar, in first run i used one sanity orb, in the second i didn’t use any orb but i ran out of sanity (something i never thought i’ll write one day!) but i got back 500 sanity because of the Titan research ability … i’m too lazy to search for its name 😅

I’ll try 4 masks run for Stormwind then 5 masks, if it worked then i’ll try 5 masks in Orgrimmar next week, the good thing i’m getting better gear from these runs, and hopefully i get all what i want from them, or at least the research part and the Backpack.

There is reputation buff for BFA and Legion factions and this time all the factions, which means a chance to get exalted with the Rajani and Uldum Accord, so i’m doing that.

Also i’m trying to solo normal BFA dungeons, i already did Shrine of The Storm, it was easy and fast, just Lord Stormsong was tricky because one ability restart the fight, i used Fegin Death to stop him from using that ability.

I like soloing dungeons and raids, i can look around as i want, also i try to do some fishing at any spot, alas Shrine of The Storm was fish-less! you would think a dungeon full of water will provide fishing spots.

A lot of things to do while waiting for the pre-patch,