Month: November 2020

First steps into Shadowlands

Here it is and it feels so weird, i mean to start again and to explore new lands, when i logged in and started the opening quest for Shadowlands i felt like BFA lasted forever, and i liked BFA, still i felt happy to put it behind me and go for the new content.

I didn’t stay up late at night to catch the start of Shadowlands, woke up early, made tea, did some work, read some articles, did more work then i played WoW, first thing i noticed was the empty Stormwind, no one there, i was prepared, my bags are empty, so is my quest log, started the quest line for Shadowlands, no need to tell you about it, you already know it or you going to see it soon.

The Maw was foreboding, heavy on the soul and a place so well designed to make you dread it, and we are going there again and again, the quest line here is well designed and i didn’t feel there is any unnecessary quests here.

Reaching Oribos was a relief, here is a beautiful circle city, it’s easy to explore and find everything, i spent some time here checking every vendor to see what they have, i found a fishing vendor selling a new fishing pole and baits.

Found trainers, learned Shadowlands professions, then went to Bastion, the zone is breathtakingly beautiful, i spent so much time looking at everything and taking screenshots, start doing the quests slowly.

I noticed that i didn’t use mounts so far, i ran every where and i didn’t feel the need to rush and use mounts, being a hunter helps since i run faster than other classes, but i felt it’s the right thing to do, just walk around and no need for mounts, i’m listening to the Pandas, i’m slowing down.

Early in the zone there is a rare that need activation first before fighting it, i saw many players take one look at it then go out without trying to solve the simple puzzle, just look around and click on stuff, i activated the mob, killed it, and i got from it a quest item that give more XP than the normal quests.

I also found a toy, exploring the zone and clicking on stuff, that’s all it took.

Anway, i’m not in a rush to finish the quests, i’ll take my time, so far i did just one part of Bastion quest line, spent some times fishing, mining and crafting, also doing the side quests, my main will do everything so my alts can skip some of it.

This is Gwyn (means white in Welsh and Cornish languages), first pet to tame in Shadowlands, but my main pet will always be Baily the gorilla.

Bring the day in WoW with this item

If you play WoW at night everyday then you only see Azeroth at night, it’s great if you like it this way, but if you are like me (don’t worry, there is a cure for that!) you like to play in the day, you like the sunshine and you want to see zones bright colors as they should be, what to do?

First play in the day if you can, or use this item: Sunwarmed Sand, sold by Otela in Cavern of Time, she also sell a toy that cost 1000 Timewarped Badges and do the same thing but with 24 hours cooldown … sigh … why Blizzard? why? i wonder who decide the cool down time on toys, because i want to ask them why for each toy.

Anyway Sunwarmed Sand turn the night into day, this is for example Boralus at night:

And this is the same place after using the sand:

It costs 10 Timewarped badges and it lasts for 2 hours, so i think it’s better to buy the sand instead of the toy with that silly cooldown time.

I didn’t know about this item until yesterday when noticed the vendor for the first time, anyway, that’s all 🙂