Month: December 2020

Diablo 3 season 22: done

For the first time i complete a whole season in Diablo, in the past i usually get the class gear set then hit the wall of doing the Set Dungeon, if you don’t play Diablo 3: Set Dungeon is a challenge¬† designed for a specific¬† class and gear set, it requires achieving some goals, usually killing number of mobs, using abilities on number of mobs.

They sound easy but in practice they need a lot of work, they are hard, so i usually give up on the season and that mean i could not get the pet which need achieving all season requirements to get it.

This time i searched for the easiest Set Dungeon and found a video saying it’s Necromancer Inarius Set, i started the season with a Witch Doctor, so i leveled a Necromancer, collected the set, did the Set Dungeon and for the first time i can complete the whole season.

And this season i got my first Primal Ancient Legendary items, a rare Pennant i didn’t know about it before, a rare pet and i reached Greater Rift level 80, thanks to people who wrote or made video guides about the game, without them i doubt i could do any of that, also thanks to people behind, your guides helped me a lot.

This is the season pet, The Book of Cain, with beard, staff and scrolls, i love it and i wish WoW have it.

Now i can focus on other games, i’m going back to Maplestory, they have new burning event, a chance to level another alt.

Not playing WoW … much


Hello? … it’s been a while, i should write about my adventures in WoW but honestly i didn’t play much, being busy with other games i don’t have much time to play WoW, so i decided to cancel my subscription, i still have 3 months of time in WoW so i play a little to kill a world boss or do a quest to gain renown.

I want to focus on other games, right now i find myself having too much fun in Diablo 3, i’m trying to push myself to do harder content in hope to get better gear, the RNG is not on my side, i tried to farm few items and none of them dropped, so my progress slowed down, but i’m having fun.

Reaching level 60 in WoW made it harder to fight mobs even in BFA zones, i thought i’ll have easier time doing that but mobs need more time to kill them compared to being level 50, i guess this is because of Azrite gear.

In Shadowlands there is way less gearing options, dungeons is the way to get gear then heroic dungeon then raids, and i still don’t like doing dungeons in groups, being higher level but weaker is … well, it sucks! it made me play less.

I’m coming back later, the expansion won’t go away, in the mean time i’m going to play other games, i’m planning to write about them here, some MMOs and few single player games.