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Helping other players is really hard!

The king of Daimond

I like to inspect other players, i always do that, to check gear, to see their guild, but mostly to see their transmog and what items they use, sometimes i find new players, usually they have no guild, they don’t use heirlooms, so i offer help sometimes, usually free bags, or if they ask for help i try to help.

Today, i saw someone in Pandaria, a dwarf level 88, no guild and no heirlooms, i thought this is a new player, i have Son of Animus pet, i tried to sell in the Auction House 3 times and no one buy it, so i thought of giving it to the dwarf Paladin, whispered him, told him i have this free pet, do you want it?

After a long wait, he asked why i’m offering it for free? i said i already have one, asked again if he wants it, he said no thanks, i typed “weird” but removed that before sending “alright … have a nice day”

I don’t have energy to argue, the dwarf feels suspicious of free gifts, which i think is a good thing but not in this context, i’m offering a virtual pet in a virtual world, what harm there is to fear? sigh … sometimes helping other players is harder than killing raid bosses.

This is my story today, and here is some random screenshots.

I don’t know, maybe a nice painting for my garrison?
Hearthstone in WoW, why i can’t play it? even a small version will be great
Nightfallen play some boardgame, i wish this is a mini-game.
Always makes me laugh, Vydhar is someone i wish i could sit down with and listen to his stories
Another mount, Stone Drake
Flying around Kalimdor, i found pirates/orcs/ninja .. setting on water?!


Desert, train and Jones

Desert night, so romantic, with all the cultist running around!

More and more i see things in the games makes me tell myself: i have to watch Indiana Jones movies!

I never watched them, in WoW there is Uldum zone which is full of Harrison Jones quests, and in Secret World Legends there are many missions makes me think about the movies, so maybe i should just watch them.

I’m done with the first zone of Egypt, named Scorched Desert, if this zone was there in real life and there is no dangerous monsters, i’ll go there, i love deserts which have small towns, oases, mountains and people, desert rich with life, you could be a tourist and find peace in the same time.

Anyway, the starting of the zone have interesting missions, then things slow down in the middle then everything goes crazy at the end, the last mission is so interesting, i felt like i’m Indiana Jones, trying to stop a train while fighting cultists.

By the end of the mission i learned major lore details, the story here connect the start of the game with a zone i will visit in the future, if i didn’t pay attention, if i didn’t see videos for the story before, i would not understand these details.

Dates with added filth
One of the best missions, they took my weapons, i have to use hand-to-hand combat
Traveling back in time, to the Roman empire
Old crafting interface, still used for some missions, SWL have no crafting
scary mosaic
Nassir driving a jeep, he is the best .. ignore the mummy in the back
Starting my journey in the moving train


Kicking someone from a moving train, my kind of hobby!

The dreadlord again?

Wowhead published a post about Blizzcon 2017 key art, something Blizzard apparently do every year (i didn’t know that) , this year it is Jaina Proudmoore, as usual the comments are the same old comments we see every time people talk about Jaina.

Where do i start? the tasteless joke about Jaina being a dreadlord and the people who ask Blizzard to turn her into that? people who call her names because she was angry at the horde and asked Varian to dismantle the horde? people who wants her to be a raid boss?

To be honest i don’t care about all that, Blizzard can turn her into dreadlord or a a raid boss, i just want Blizzard to turn Sylvanas into raid boss in the same expansion and let’s see what will happen in comments wars.

What makes me upset about these comments is the lack of empathy, and it’s not just about fictional characters, i see this lack of empathy in real life news, instead of treating misfortune as a tragedy, some people show complete lack of kindness, compete with each other on who write the rudest, cruelest comments.

I understand, people can’t be all the same … still, it is troubling when you see people justify war crimes.

Nixxle Logbook 006 – The Slums

Baloon and filth, welcome to the slums!

I have to do it, i have to walk into the goblin slums in Orgrimmar, of all names to call this place why did they call it slums? well it looks like Bilgewater harbor slums, a shameful spot in the city, sometimes i hate goblins!

Bilgewater Cartel flag
Citizens of the slums and a washing line
another washing line, but i was impressed by the black and red dress .. i want it .. for a friend!
Madam Tinza, classy innkeeper, i didn’t ask her “what inn?!” that will be rude
Dankin showing how to fish while being angry
But he is fishing in the filth
Say whatever about the slums, goblins know how to cook a burger!
Smells so nice, and there is a fish burger!
Never ever get injured .. our doctor is a scary dude, with a cleaver?!
Enter a caption
Admiring goblin trikes, soon i’ll buy one
Boss Mida, she is in charge here
Filth! why do we do this?!
Our neighbors in the city, the troll! i was scared while taking a selfie with this guard


August: Draenor Pathfinder

The Draenei and her oversized corgi

I have to admit, i rarely plan, and i rarely stick to any plan, and i regret that, i wish i could go back in time to tell myself “plan you fool!”.

Anyway, for July the plan was:

  • Download Lord of the Rings Online: i did it, leveled a lore-master to level 8, the game is so charming, i mean it feels old, it feels like mid-00s because it is, but i don’t think i have time for 3 MMOs, so i removed it, i’ll be back to it one day.
  • Finish the quest line for Kingsmouth Town in Secret World Legends: instead of finishing 1 zone did the first 3 and that the whole first story.
  • Keep writing for Nixxle, the goblin, in WoW: i did that, i want to write more in August.
  • Read at least 2 books: read one book, i need to read more in early morning before starting web browsing, resisting internet distractions is hard.

So far i’m happy with what i done, from no planning at all to simple plan and achieving most of it, this is good, so i hope to do more, so here is next month plan:

  • Reading: I recently bought Harry Potter box set, i want to read them all, it’s been 10 years since i read them last time.
  • Secret World Legends: start and finish second story, 2 zones in Egypt, maybe move to third story.
  • Finish few single player games by Amanita, i already finished most of them, i want to write about them.

In WoW:

  • Keep grinding to get Draenor Pathfinder, to get flying in Draenor, it will make few things easier for more grinding.
  • Get Cataclysm Loremaster, i’m done with Mount Hyjal and Uldum, already.
  • Grind reputation for Cataclysm as much as possible, i want to buy a camel.
  • Write more for Nixxle, more than 8 posts at least.
  • try NOT to start 3rd hunter! i have already 2 hunters, my main is human hunter, Nixxle the goblin, and i have human shadow priest i want to prepare for next expansion.

Since i boosted my main hunter, i didn’t do much of quests in old world, i want to do them at the same level, doing them with level 110 hunter is not fun, so i want to start another low level hunter on the alliance side to expernice these quests, i tried other classes but i could not stick with any of them, i enjoy playing hunters … but i should not start another one, not now 🙂

A new mount and other screenshots

DINO! i’m happy!
Thank you RNG!

Farming Zul-Gurub pays at last, to be honest it didn’t take more than 2 weeks to get this mount, now i need the panther mount from the same dungeon.

Panda Door, looks cute
Pandaria is Beautiful, Mogu’Shan Palace
Walking around Nighthold LFR, taking screenshot for the ceiling!
Pumpkin in the Duskwood
The tree log have some light effect i could not capture, i guess there is something here
Location of the house


Nixxle Logbook 005 – Selling junk

To the city, on a DINO!

From the jungle isle (it’s a volcanic isle now thanks to me!) we went the Horde capital Orgrimmar, i’ve heard alot about it from my fellow goblins, this is the first time i see the city, high walls, tall towers, spikes everywhere, it looks scary for me, i already miss Kezan.

A troll lady gave me this raptor to go quiclky into the city, that was akwarde, but i guess she is not the same as the trolls in Kezan, our slavers and now our slaves … or ex-slaves, i wonder what happend to them? what happened to my fellow goblins there? one day i’m going back to Kezan, it’s my home.

Warchief’s Command Board, here my journey as horde member started
Marogg taught me basics of cooking, i was worried he will cook my pet!
I needed more bags, but this vendor is asking too much for a small bag
Tailor shop, admiring the carpets there
Another beautiful carpet
Walking to the other end of the city, i found fishing pond, Razgar was kind to teach me fishing
i’m ashamed, even here in Orgrimmar goblins living like goblins!
Making potions
Collected balloons for the kid, he was happy he gave me horde balloon.

I must say Orgrimmar is confusing, need some time to learn how to navigate the city, it is so much larger than Bilgewater Harbor in Kezan, so many shops and all kind of people here, i saw the tauren for the firs time, cow-looking people but i never dare to call them cow, one kick from their strong hooves is enough to kill a goblin!

There is an auction house in the city, when i was running away from Kezan then that jungle island i didn’t forget to carry with me any kind of valuable junk, it’s junk for me but it have some gold value for people who never saw this junk, so i sold in the auction house all kind of items:

You see! people like buying trash, i’m now more than 400 gold rich, i may say i did fine, from losing everything to gaining a small fortune, not bad … not bad at all.