Pirates, brew and harvest

Beach Bloodsail party

Many events coming soon in WoW, today is the Pirate Day, i got an achievement, a toy which helps me curse like a pirate, and i have a pirate costume for 12 hours, so all is good.

Pirate day was a nerdy geeky day in the web, i rarely see that today, i remember in the early 2000s visiting Slashdot.org and other nerdy websites, and all of them written in a pirate-ish way … sigh, big long sigh, i miss the web of early to mid 2000s, before the wave of social networks.

Manley, fearsome, terrifying pirates!

In WoW also, BREWFEST! i love this event, the atmosphere in Dun Morogh in this event is festive, merry, happy, you have ram racing, beating the Iron Dwarfs, the dungeon boss, so many players show up all the time.

Preparing for Brewfest
The dwarfs there asked me to leave after this!


Changed my hearthstone to the best Inn in Azeroth

After the Brewfest there is the Harvest Festivle, while it’s not cool as Brewfest i’ll enjoy it, who knows! maybe i’ll eat pumpkin pie in real life too!


It’s a shadow Owl


So finally i have the shadow owl, and now i don’t know what to do next for my shadow priest, one thing i want is to craft all the tailoring items for transmog, but that means going back to old content for farming, buying from Auction House is not an option here, my realm AH is unreasonable when it comes to prices of old materials.

Crafting old content items will take time, another thing i like to do is soloing old raids and dungeons, for transmog, pets and mounts, i’ll do that if i have time, i need to go back to my main to do all Argus content, then maybe i’ll focus on leveling another alt.

One main reason to level alts is to get crafting materials and items, if AH prices are cheap enough i’ll never need to make alts just for crafting, i’m saving gold to buy mounts, and they are not cheap, 125k gold for the Grand Yak, 100k gold for alliance bike, 500k gold for Argus golden robot, not to count crafted mounts from Alchemy and Jewelcrafting.

And there is that insane spider mount, 2 million gold, i’ll never be able to buy this without living in the game 24/7.

Oh, also i need to make bags for all alts, that is another important thing for my shadow priest.

Fabulous Fennec Fox

07d77a1ce0eef9d690c454c6c7c05d52-bg-wow-shadow-1920-2If you haven’t heard yet, there is a new pet in Blizzard store, Shadow is Fennec fox, small fox lives mostly in the desert, and i love deserts both in real life and in games, and it is really cute pet, also the money you pay for the pet will go to charity.

If i remeber this correctly; Blizzard announced Brightbaw and Mystic Runesaber in Blizzcon 2015, both of them look like something came from Suramar, and that was way before Legion, it was a hint for what we will see in the next expansion.

Is the Fennec fox a sign to the next expansion? because let me tell you, i hope i’m right, i hope there will be a desert zone in the next expansion, last time Blizzard added a desert zone was in Cataclysm, it is time for another desert.

I’m really excited about the next expansion, all the signs says it will be about shadow, the void, old gods, even in Argus right now this is the theme, we are not fighting the Legion only but also the void, let’s hope we see colorful expansion comes after Legion … and a desert.

Speaking of foxes, i still don’t have the fox mount! come on RNG!

Next weeks: more of the same

Bring it on Aggramar, i’ll fight you with my silly looking gun!

I forgot to post this yesterday, one of the hardest things for me is to remind myself of what should i do, writing lists is easy, but remember to look at them later? now that’s need some practice, i’ve been living with computers since i was kid and yet i rarely make them work for me, it’s time to change that.

last week plan was:

  • Leveling shadow priest to 110: i did that quickly with Legion Invasions, they give so much experience.
  • Finish that book: done, i started the second book in the series.
  • write for Nixxle: done.

So next weeks plan is the same:

  • Obtain shadow priest mount, i want that Shadow Owl, the problem is time gated content, the mission table.
  • Keep reading, i started finding myself enjoying spending time away from computer, good sign.
  • Keep writing for Nixxle.

This is the plan for the next few weeks, so no more plans until things change.

P.S: that cut-secnce with Aggramar … so many players taking screenshots for it, if you play alts in Argus, try to use one of these toys to change yourself into something else, Millhouse Manastorm, Gamon, Goren or put on Don Carlos Hat!

Nixxle Logbook 008 – around Azshara

Bilgewater Harbor

Running around Azshara takes a lot of time, mountains to walk around, the beach is long and full of naga and sea giants, there are countless vicious animals, gnomes, night elves, Satyrs, dragons.

Uncle Bedlam poster, he wants you and your gold
Found these two in a staring contest
And the orc on the left wins!
Warrior trainer is here! glad to see him in the Harbor, much better place than the city slums
Uncle Bedlam himself! i tried to “take” his hat, he knows how to throw a punch!
Westren side of the harbor, good restaurant, nice place to relax.
Inside the restaurant, the “chef” cooking a crab alive! my poor pet saw this
Away from the Harbor, elves ruins
talking to elves ghosts, a blood elf lady turned me into night elf
Contaminated lab
Searching everywhere for this dragon, i have to die to find him in spirit world


Next Week: talking dagger

My main, fearless huntress, a photo before going to Argus

The plan for the last week was:

  • Focus on 7.3: my main hunter is doing that, i didn’t do all the content, no need to rush.
  • Post for Nixxle, i did this today.
  • Reading: still going but slowly.

Being sick didn’t help, nothing serious, just cold and fever, so i spent much of my week sleeping, watching youtube, leveling some alts slowly.

Next week:

  • Leveling shadow priest to 110, i bought a boost for her, of all alts i want my shadow priest to reach Argus as fast as possible, i don’t mind slow leveling the other alts.
  • Finish that book!
  • Keep writing for Nixxle.

Nixxle Logbook 007 – Harum

Gallywix head on the side of his mountain palace, and i thought i could not hate him more!

After relaxing for too long in Orgrimmar, i thought i go back to the wilds, well at least to some place out of the city, to smell fresh air and get some gold, i went out of the north gate to seek adventure in Azshara, this place have it all, trees, mountains, goblins, ghosts, elves (i never seen them before), gnomes and a large head for Gallywix … like he didn’t have a large head already!

I met some old faces from Kezan, i found Greely who is still doing research projects with Hobart, she asked me to help her by collecting Azsharite, blue crystals i found all over Azshara, Greely said it is the biggest discovery for goblins since Kaja’mite.

Collecting “Azsharite”
Greely asked me to befriend with a rock giant named Gormungan, to learn about Azsharite
And i touched that stuff?! Azsharite is nothing but … Ewwww!
Yeah, what am i doing with my life?! i want adventure but i’m collecting … poop?!!

The giant explained that he don’t drop “Azsharite” often, he go to “bathroom” once every 15 to 25 years, so Greely thought she will force him to drop a new one now! she prepared Giant-Sized Laxative but it didn’t work, so she thought scaring the giant with a tiny mouse will work and force him to drop a … blue crystal .. yest, let’s call it crystal.

Greely made me into a tiny thing who can ride a mouse!

It didn’t work! the giant killed the mouse and almost killed me under his rock foot, went back to Greely to tell her, she asked me not to tell Hobart about the whole thing, the poor thing still does not know that the blue crystals are giant rock droppings!

Ah … the life of adventure, it must have some “azsharite” from time to time, i’m going to clean my hands for days now!