Rukhmar, Eversong and a sleeping murloc

Let’s wait here … because we will save 3 sec!

It’s the ranting time … sigh! every week i try to get a mount from Rukhmar, and always there are players who can’t wait 5 seconds to for the boss to reach a place where everyone can shoot it and loot it, most wait over a small mountain some people even wait in a platform where the boss spawn near it in the sky.

When you hit this boss he just stop there in go down slowly, means sometimes he fall on a side of the mountain where no melee class can reach him, i’m a hunter i don’t have a problem there.

But .. i find this so annoying, it is the only time where i /yell at people asking them “why?!” or “can’t you just wait 5 sec so everyone can hit it” and no one cares, no one even answer, not even with a snark or ridicule!


This dwarf do something form time to time, he works in Kharanos forge most of the time, but sometimes he walks from there to the inn while hammring all the way non-stop, talk in Dwarfish in the inn then going back to the forge … i need to come here by my dwarf warrior to see what’s going on.


Have you ever walked behind Silvermoon city? this is what it looks like, first time here for me, walking around trying to explore Eversong Woods.


I’m a little proud of this achievement, as my main is Alliance, i haven’t explored 2 zones yet, Ghostlands and Eversong Woods, both Horde zones and both prevent players from flying, so i have to be so careful not to run into Horde NPCs, that was easy in Ghostlands but Eversong Woods? that took some planning and slowing down.

If you have a class/spec which offer some kind of Stealth then you can explore the zone without aggro-ing any NPCs, you have to walk into Silvermoon City which means you’ll be flaged for PVP, but you only need to walk into the gate then get out while stealthed.

I explored the zone without killing any NPCs, or even pulling aggro of anyone .. if the game offer a choice, i want to be friendly with both factions.


I volunteered for a lesson, the mage turned me into a hand … looked creepy cool.


When the game drop one of the best weapons for the wrong class, this is 2H mace from Throne of Thunder, Invocation of the Dawn, i still have no class high level enough to get this weapon, but i hope it’ll drop again one day, i think it is on of the best looking weapons in the game.


My rogue frozen in the middle of a killing move here, 2-3 seconds chance to get a screenshot for this cool action.


Fishing in fel, i found a sleeping murloc here!


Can we have account bank?


I’ll send this idea to Blizzard, but first let me write it here.

I’m honestly tired from sending stuff between alts, cloth gear? i’ll send it to the priest to add them to the transmog, recipes or patterns for crafting? send it to that alt who need it, this alt i’m playing right now need some materials to level up crafting, who have these? i’ll log on each one to see.

It’s just waste of time, bank account is an old idea in the world of MMOs, basicly the idea is to put there what i don’t want on this character, so other characters can have access to it and use it if they want, this is what mail in WoW do right now.

Maybe i need an addon to manage alts.

Lucid Nightmare at last


So i have it, what a nightmare to spend hours in the endless halls, i tried to solve the halls maze many times, i got lucky today for having easy halls.

The whole puzzle to get this mount designed for a community not for solo players, of course the community wrote guides to help others get the mount, otherwise i won’t bother trying to solve it myself.

I know designing puzzles is not easy, you have to balance it so it’s not too easy and not too hard, keep it interesting, i love puzzle games like Myst series because it reach this level of balance.

I wish Blizzard designers work on puzzles that does not need a whole community to solve them, let me work for it, solve it myself, and get the reward and be proud of that .. while it is a nice mount, i’m not really happy about getting it.

Finished with the endless halls, colorful hall shows up
Karazhan crypt, creepy place
really creepy
But you can fish in this water full of dead bodies
Also here .. in shallow water, the chest is there, and i got 250 fishes achievement here!


My blue sky dream change .. for WoW


In Blizzard Watch, Mr. Rossi wrote a short post, a question: What is your blue sky dream change? and here is my answer … a long list.

To make it short: more options for everything, more depth and complexity.

I love the World of Warcraft, i mean the places Blizzard made, the small stories more than the big ones, the small details in this world makes me love it, but i find the game itself simple .. sometimes too simple.

Simple here is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, still i wish to see some depth in few systems, or at least more options.

Melee mage and shadow priest, i just want to hit mobs with a mace and madness.

Bring back wands, i don’t know why i like the idea of wands, maybe because each wand have a type of damage, fire or shadow or frost, i honestly don’t mind to slow down the fight to gain mana while using wands, but i think most players will hate it, the want quick fights.

I know wands never removed, but when was the last time i used one?

Bring back gladiator stance, since i’m leveling a prot warrior now .. i wish to do questing using gladiator stance, going into dungeons as a DPS not a tank.

Mini-dungeons, i wish to see dungeons around the world where you have to go there solo or with 3-player team, 10-15 min maximum to clear the place, the rewards shouldn’t be gear, it could be anything else, like crafting materials, or cosmetics, good consumables, maybe a pet?

There are many zones without dungeons, why not add dungeons to them? they don’t need to be added to LFD, they are purely questing dungeons … yes, let’s call them that, questing dungeons, hard solo content.

Remove weapons from monk class, the first class i ever tested in WoW was monk, and i remember feeling disappointed when i found that monks use weapons, they shouldn’t, isn’t that the “fantasy” of the class? the pandaren revolt against the Mogu was unarmed one … so i still dream of this idea, monk class is pure hand-combat class, no weapons.

Bring back thrown weapons, why not?

Remove specs bring back choice, talent tree in old WoW at least gave people choice between 3 specs, you can mix talents from 3 different specs, so bring back that but it does not have to be the talent tree, it could be something different.

Bring back removed content, there are so many quests and NPCs to count here, for example the whole MoP legendary quest line, why did they remove it? change it a little, change the rewards, remove the achievements if you must, but not a core story to the expansion, someone like me would love to go back and experience the whole thing at my own pace, i didn’t get the chance to do that because i joined the game just 2 months before Warlords of Draenor, i tried to finish the quest line but could not .. damn PVP requirement, almost made me stop playing the game.

Support class or spec, this one i really want to see, support class could offer so many utility to raids and dungeons, or it could provide healing and CC while doing some DPS, i don’t want to be top DPS but i want to be useful in different ways.

For Bossy … and a hat!

Bossy … i’m sorry

it all started with a simple quest, kill a cow! the monk was angry at the whole world, at booty bay, at the that tauren admiral, why he have to be a tauren? if he was a gnome or even a gnoll; Bossy won’t need to die!

I was happy in Stranglethorn Vale, i reached the famous Booty Bay
I worked for the bay, spent my time at its inn, help its people, goblins and one tauren
To fool the Bloodsail pirates, the tauren asked me to kill a cow!
Bossy … i’m truly sorry
RIP Bossy … i’ll avenge you
on the highest building in Booty Bay
I’ll show you Booty Bay! for BOSSY!
becoming a double agent, now i belong to the Bloodsail
I risked my life for lime!
Flirting with bloodsail girls .. didn’t work well
fighting ninjas … i don’t know what’s that!
Invading the Booty Bay, with roof worgens .. drinking beer
Dancing before the massacre
Smart goblin, he escaped my fists of fury
I did terrible thing, he should blame himself for being a tauren .. for BOSSY
The Bloodsail Buccaneers consider me a friend now, i’m BloodSail Admiral
They gave me a red admiral hat, with skull and bones … the shovels are mine!

So i’m trying to get The Insane title, i skipped doing that on my main, doing this on my monk, i decided that he is a simple farmer who truly love cows, and killing Bossy snapped him! so he swore revenge on Booty Bay, and he is now grinding reputation with Bloodsail .. it’ll take time to get the title.

I’m following this guide from Wowpedia, it is simple, but needs so much work.

AFK: let me search that

Real moss agate

How many times i saw Moss Agate drop from me? i send it to other alts who may need it, sometimes try to sell it in the Auction House, or just vendor it, only few days ago i stopped playing, searched for moss agate, and it is a real thing, for years i thought it is something WoW developers made up.

Yesterday i looted a Cuirboulli Boots from a crate in Blackfathom Deeps, the name was different from the usual, so after a quick search i found “cuirboulli” means boiled leather in french, and now it is a good guild name 😀

So i spent another 20 to 30 minutes just reading about boiled leather, looking for videos and pictures, my character in WoW is AFK and waiting while i’m in a different world.

What else is there to search for? i found many, here is a list for gems:

I honestly thought all these gems in WoW are just fictional, but there they are in real life, and they look pretty, now i have this urge to collect gemstones!

Is there an item in WoW made you search for it in real life?

Fishing in lava

I have this silly idea in WoW, to see where i can or can’t do fishing, and i try every spot where there is water, lava, or even fel, and since the world is big; it would take me a lot of time to cover every spot, so here is few spots i found so far.

Mount Hyjal, inside one of the portals, also you can in Firelands
Another lava fishing, Molten Core
Ok this is cheating, but i think it’s cool, a boss need fishing before showing up, do it again Blizz!
Darnassus, Temple of The moon, you can do fishing under the statue
Dire Maul, outside
Dire Maul, inside the dugneon
Inside night elf building … er .. tree!
Shallow pool in a cave, with dead spiders for friends!
Night Elf house, this tiny pond … is fishable! is this a word?

I’m still trying to find other spots, it’s all about “ooh you can fish here?! i didn’t know that”, and i found few spots where you can’t, for example Ragefire Chasm, i tried to go there with my alliance hunter, it didn’t go well, 2 guards attacked me while i was trying to sneak in unnoticed, i have to kill them and fly, went there by another alt using LFD … this is cheating!

Another place you can’t do fishing in: the two raids in Ahn’Qiraj, this is disappointing.

Anyway, it is just a silly side-quest i made for myself, find all the “fishable” spots in WoW … I may write another post about fishing in WoW, Blizzard can do more for this profession.