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Diablo 3 on Switch


Let’s talk Diablo, do you play it? have you bought it? tell me what you think about Diablo franchise, if you have a weblog; why not write about it?

Diablo is a game i should not play, too much violence and gore, fast paced and it can kill your hand or your mouse with so much clicking, and yet i own it, i haven’t played it for a long time now but i like to go back and start a new character.

For a long time Blizzard didn’t do much for Diablo, there are seasons which award transmog items and other stuff, but that’s it, no new expansion, no new game, but i guess things are changing and some people are excited by that.


How things are changing? here is a list:

So i went to Diablo website and i was faced by this, i should tell the website that i’m an adult to let me in, i guess this is legally required because everyone knows it is a useless way to gate content, it’s like putting a gate on land without a wall!

Screenshot (36)

By that date i put there i’m 100 years old 😀

Blizzard have some collaboration with Nintendo, because Diablo 3 for switch have a chicken pet, if you played Legend of Zelda games you know what the chicken mean, there is also other items but i think the chicken is the most important here!

Diablo is a perfect game for Switch, and it makes the console more desirable for me, today i was at a local shop thinking about buying a Switch, it was there, i can buy it now but i thought i can wait, with Skyrim coming to Switch and other games; i see no better game console in the market today.


So, Diablo, Switch … tell me what you think about them.