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Random thoughts on Classic


I wanted to write a small guide for bags from quests rewards in Classic, but found that Blizzard Watch wrote full guide for all bags: All the different bags and where to get them in WoW classic.

Bag space saves you time, less going back to vendor stuff, if you’re main character is a tailor then you’ll have all the bags you need, if not then make a tailor alt, send any unneeded cloth to that alt.

Check the Auction House for bags, because many people selling them the prices are cheap, and never ever buy a bag from bag vendors, unless you are desperate.

Classic WoW have a lot of travel time, you can put your character on auto walk and it’ll take them some time to reach places, meanwhile you are free to do other stuff:

  • Drink water, no really .. drink water!
  • if you are in a group: chat with them
  • Read Ikea catalog
  • Stand up, do some stretching
  • Jump and run around the room
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Read a book
  • check on your character and make sure you are not running into a tree for 3 hours.
Running in WoW gives me time to come up with many silly ideas!

Playing Classic makes me think about retail WoW and how it changed, sometimes i think there is a good reason for this change, sometimes i wish that retail WoW use this idea or this system from Classic.

With every design, with every system there is an upside and a downside, it’s not easy to say that Classic (or retail) is better in every way, i have more sympathy for the Blizzard game designers, they have to take hard decisions, some of them work and some fail, that’s the nature of their job, not to mention they have to maintain a 15 years old game.

When the game add expansions and more content and most of the players move into the newest content, the old zones will face a problem, it will be harder to make groups for elite quests or dungeons, so no wonder Blizzard added LFG in Wrath.

Right now i’m facing a problem with groups, i can’t get into a dungeon group, my paladin at level 21 and i refuse to level him up until i finish a paladin quest line to get a paladin mace.

But maybe i’ll move on because waiting around for hours is not productive.

P.S: i’m not saying LFG is a good or bad idea, i say there is a reason for it, but this deserve another post.

Addons i use in Classic WoW


I have a simple rule for addons in WoW, they should help but not too much, i don’t use any addon that automate anything, like accepting quests, vendoring trash, or showing me where to go.

OmniCC and ClassicAuraDurations, add numbers to buffs and debuffs.

ClassicCastbars, add castbars to mobs.

QuestLogEx, better quest log interface.

Vendor Price, help with managing inventory.

Stonewhrout UI, this is just a theme, it’s beautiful i think, need some attention to install it because you don’t just add it to the addon folder.

That’s all, i highly recommend Vendor Price and QuestLogEx, they make some tedious parts less tedious.

Why i can’t fish here?

You can’t fish in Forlon Cavern in Ironforge, what madness is this!

I logged in to Classic WoW with the paladin, i walked out of the inn and someone wanted to trade with me, i stopped, that someone didn’t want to trade but to inspect me, then said “OMG!” i asked “what?” he answered “get your own gear”.

Weird, i looked at him and he look exactly like my character, same face, hair, facial hair and colors, he is a paladin who have the same gear i have, it’s like i found a copy of me! that was fun 🙂

I went between Elwynn Forest and Don Morogh a lot of times, did quests in both zones, questing is the best way to get money, at least in the early levels when you need every copper and silver, i tried the auction house game but didn’t sell anything so far.

My crafted gear was the best gear and still is, only one 2h mace from a quest was better than what i have, i was lucky to get a 2h axe to drop while questing with other players, i told them i’ll roll need on it, they passed on it and i rolled 3! even when i’m the only one who roll i get 3!

They turned him into chicken!

Anyway, later i went to Stormwind to learn axe weapon skill from Woo Ping, the best shirtless NPC ever with a great name to match, he didn’t have axe training for me, i panicked, i thought paladins can’t use axes in Classic, and i took it from 2 other players one of them was a hunter who could use it, but later i went to Ironforge weapon master and he gave me 2h axe weapon skill.

Low level green weapon is so important, the game makes any upgrade an important one, leveling weapons skills is also important, the axe was weak at the beginning but with every swing it gets stronger, or rather i get more skilled.

So far my progress is planned by me and what i want to do, there is little RNG playing here, if i need more weapon skills then i have to use them, if i need better gear then i should craft it.

Quest line to learn Redemption,

One place where RNG played a role was getting bags, 2 of them dropped for me and it was like i get a legendary weapon! more space means less going back to vendor trash, the in Goldshire i found a tailor who need materials and crafted for me Linen bag for free.

That’s all, and i think this progress will keep going until level 60 then there will be time when i need dungeons to get better gear, until then i’m enjoying the journey.

Classic Paladin, day 1


The plan was to sleep and play Classic in the next day, but i could not sleep, i was excited and i wanted to join the horde … i mean the crowd, i went to Battle.net shop to buy time just few hours before Classic start, and the shop having hard time serving people, it went down for maintenance.

So i went to Twitch to watch MadSeasonShow stream, and he is still streaming as i write these words, that’s almost 24 hours stream! anyway, the number of people watching Classic streams reached 1.1 million people, that’s impressive.

Later i went to sleep, i have paperwork to do in the morning, so i did that then went back home, bought time, started the game, made 3 characters to save names on Pyrewood Village realm.

  • Brenna, Gnome Mage, i’m happy no one took this name, i have a long list for gnomes names and many of them taken.
  • Durrzam, Orc Hunter, he is going to the past.
  • Fihar, Human Paladin, he is my main.

Northshire was full of people, i saw few Night elfs, dwarfs and gnomes, tagging mobs was a problem but mobs spawn fast, i walked around looking at things more than doing my quests.


Why do i like to make my characters look old? paladin gameplay is intersting, seals, auras judgments, so far i’m using auto-attack, what i loved is giving people buffs and heals, i love it to see someone with low health and i heal them and keep going.

Weapons skills, profession skills, yet to come talent tree, story line where i’m just another citizen of Stormwind, going around in foot, getting excited by grey gear, i like all of that.

Clown suit begins!

Inventory managment, no AoE loot and tagging mobs, these i don’t like.

Because questing is harder with so many people around i found myself invited to groups many times, i like that, so far i haven’t found a guild yet, i’m going to join one as soon as possible.

That’s all for day one, Fihar is level 6 right now and resting in Lion’s Pride Inn, learned mining, blacksmithing and fishing, i’m not leaving the forest before leveling all the skills, weapon and profession, Westfall can wait.

Ridiculous Classic quests lines


Just few days for Classic servers to open their digital gates and let the game begin, i see people writing guides and making videos for fast leveling which honestly baffle me, leveling in itself is the main content in Classic WoW, why would you speed leveling and miss the world?

I tried avoiding reading leveling guides including professions and dungeon items, but i’m a WoW player, i already know a lot even if i never played Vanilla, so i’m trying to go into leveling without reading anything, i’m sure i’ll find new things i never knew.

The endgame is different, i have no problem looking into guides and videos talking about the endgame content, mostly dungeons and dragons! or at least in the phase one there will be one big dragon raid.

I’m trying to decide if any endgame content is worth it, you do this content to obtain better gear, but some endgame quests lines are so long and require so much effort, let’s take a look.

Dungeon set 1, this drop from level 58-60 dungeons, so it’s easy, no quests but you need to be lucky, and of course you need groups.

Dungeon set 2, this one is so tedious, MadSeasonShow (a good youtuber) made 2 videos for the whole set and how to get it, watch it: Part 1 | Part 2

In Classic this set won’t be in the game until phase 5 and the start of Ahn’Qiraj war efforts, which mean for raiders this set is not useful, they have raid gear, but for people who are stuck with dungeons this is the only way to get better gear.

The whole quest line require:

Of course the quests ask you to go around the world, go to many dungeons, fight elite mobs, fight hard bosses, so after doing all of that you get a set which gives you less stats than a full set from Molten Core, don’t get me wrong, Dungeon sets 1 and 2 are better than questing gear and they look good, no clown suit here.

For raids, at phase one you need a guild and a raid group, and attunement for both raids:

I think Dungeons set 2 should give better stats than the first 3 raids in Classic, it takes a lot of time, gold and effort.

Anyway, i’m rambling here, i still have to reach level 60 before deciding if i’m going to do any of that, leveling may take few months.

Classic realms and character names .. today


So at last we know what the realms are, in EU side there are 3 PVE realms

  • Hydraxian Waterlords, RP Realm.
  • Mirage Raceway, normal Realm.
  • Pyrewood Village, normal Realm.

I’m not sure which one i’ll choose, i never played on RP realm and i want to test that but as a silent watcher, maybe some light RPing, is this ok?

Many people on the EU side complaining about the names, many think these are bad names compared to US realms, i’ll admit searching for Pyrewood Village because i didn’t know where is that, i can see why people complain but i don’t care much, i think naming a realm after a village is charming 🙂

Also from today you can reserve your characters names, up to 3 names and you need subscription to do that.

For me i’ll wait until Classic release to join WoW, just 2 weeks of waiting, we are so close.

Reading Classic WoW Manual

“not this again”

Blizzard have a page for Classic WoW and in it there is a link to PDF file for the Manual, so i clicked on the link to read, it’s the old manual, so i want to point out few things i find interesting.

The Manual starts with installing the game, tells the readers that they need 256MB of RAM, and a graphic card with at least 32MB, the game works on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP (may all RIP).

Chapters 3 and 4 go into detailed explanation of how the game work and how an MMO work, back in 2004 not many people played MMOs and for many WoW was the first one if not the only one, and the web was just starting to turn into the big library we have now, people used to call the internet with dial-up modems, the manual should provide detailed information for the players to read while they are offline.

Quick notes from different pages:

  • 70, Warrior stances, an idea removed in later expansions.
  • 76, Rogue Stealth makes you much slower.
  • 80, it talks about how Paladin are tough melee fighter, they have defensive abilities and buffs, it does not mention that they are weak DPS class 🙂
  • 82, Shamans are mix between melee and spellcasting, they have taunting totem, Blizzard was planning on making them tanks, it would be interesting to see how this will work, because there is no spellcasting tank in the game.
  • 84, Hunter have to put their pet in the stable to tame another pet … that will be annoying.
  • 104, Azeroth is the world and it’s the name of a continent, now we just call it Eastern Kingdoms.
  • 126, tagging mobs mean you only get experience and loot from it, an annoying problem in the first few days or weeks in Classic.
  • 138, talk about chat and emotes, link to and old page that does not work, but here it is in Internet Archive … that is too many emotes.
  • 166, many pages talk about races, i think it’s worth to read them all.
  • 192, Glossary, “Carebear” is there, why?! avatar too which i rarely saw anyone use in WoW, they talk about characters and alts.
  • 194, Acronyms, i find some of them useful, sometimes it’s hard to understand MMO players when they use all kind of acronyms.

The maps showing Quel’thalas and there is brief history for the world including what happened in Warcraft 3, i wonder if Blizzard was planning to add Blood Elves in Vanilla but could not do it in time.

Now i want to buy The WoW Dairy, maybe later this year, i love to read about how games are planned and developed, so many “What-ifs” to ask, and so many “will-they” to ask later, 2 years after releasing Classic people will start to talk about what’s next, some already doing that.

It’s too early for that question, i prefer to focus on enjoying the game while struggling with old mechanics, mostly tagging mobs and inventory management 🙂

One more thing … i still wish Blizzard will reprint old RPG books.