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The Darkening of Tristram Returns


Diablo 3 event is back, and it offers stuff, i didn’t know about the pets and the achievements, i remember first event have nothing of that or maybe i never noticed them until today.

To get the butcher pet you need a level 1 character to enter the event dungeon and finish it, i made a new monk alt, with level 70 legendary weapon, and in normal difficulty, it was so easy to finish the dungeon, you don’t need legendary weapon, it can be done without it … i just love the feeling of being overpowered 🙂

There is a cow pet and it need some simple steps to find it, so i won’t talk about it, maybe you want to solve the puzzle yourself.

If you want to know everything the even provide, then read this guide.

Diablo season 17 coming in May 17

Some of season 17 rewards

Blizzard announced the date of the next season, the current one will end on May 12,  the next one will start in May 17, the main idea or theme for season 17 is this buff:

all Seasonal players will benefit from the Set bonus provided by Legacy of Nightmares.

Which means players will focus on getting legendary items instead of using set items, but there are set items and other rewards, as Blizzard’s post said; they will reuse old season rewards which for someone like me is a great idea, means i can get some of the rewards i missed in most old seasons.

Of course there will be a set for each class, and they look like this:


Of course the look is not the only important thing here, the set bonuses are important too, they are important to farm legendary items, which in season 17 will drop more as Blizzard said.

Honestly i like Demon Hunter set, all black sets looks good, but i’m playing Barbrian next season.

Check Blizzard’s post for more information.

Adventures in Diablo 3

Now i have almost all classes at level 70, just a demon hunter needs leveling, it’s not hard to level up quickly in Diablo 3, it can be slow to level the first character in the season if you are doing that solo, but with time you can get better gear and gems and start leveling alts quickly.

Now i reached a point where i can say i’m no longer a casual player of Diablo 3, few years ago i played it but didn’t bother with trying to get a full item set, in this season (16) i played to get the set (Seeker of the Light) and with it i could play at higher difficulty, finish some torment 20 or above greater rifts, get better gear for my main and alts.

The game make getting better loot fun, maybe because of the endless demon slaughter?! or because it’s a fast game where you are always running around doing stuff; mostly killing monsters and demons.

Yesterday i got something truly rare, this is the first time i got a legendary potion:


While running around i get excited by finding a Menagerist, a treasure goblin which drop a non-combat pet, recently i got Lamb, which i thought first will be you know … a lamb, but he is a squire boy!

These pets are so useful, they collect gold for you.

Add to that hunting for transmog items, there are white items that have no or weak stats, they are in the game just for transmog, i found:

Still looking for more, and it makes me question WoW team: why white items are not good for transmog? even grey items, i mean some of them make full set and many look good.

Another thing i love about Diablo 3 is the choice of talents and ablities, you can mix gear with Kanai Cube and gems to make your class play different styles, this freedom to change almost everything makes it fun to test all kind of skills.

What i like most is finding hidden events and places, rare items i didn’t even know, like the Whimsyshire, it needs a staff to enter it, farming the items to make the staff took some time, then i went into this bright place full of deadly teddy bears and pink unicorns!

Diablo 3 is a serious game then you see this out-of-place level, even your character have lines about getting mad!


Diablo Transmog is better!


You see a crusader in his white gear set and a creepy doll pet, black axe and white shield because i could not find good black shield.

Let’s talk Diablo 3 transmog, the game have no type of armor, but one piece of armor will look different depending on what class you play, take for example Astral Mail, chest armor that have 7 different designs.

You unlook the look of any piece by getting that armor piece or a weapon, you can unlock item looks even if your character can’t use them.

You can change the colors of your armor, there are many dyes to choose from and they help to make the gear match in color at least.

Now this last point is the most important, because so many players want to see dye-able armor sets in WoW, Blizzard can add this idea in a new expansion without touching the old gear, they don’t need to work on all old items, just add new items that allow players to change their colors.

Blizzard can make this idea better by making professions as the only source for the new transmog gear and dyes.

Diablo 3 Season 16: done!


That was much easier than i thought, i started a fresh character, a crusader and he is the only character i have, i’m starting from zero here, so leveling a new character to 70 needs sometimes, then gearing up and trying to finish 4 chapters for the season.

The rewards are an item/transmog set called Seeker of the Light, a butterfly wings and a portrait frame, by doing what is essentially a to-do list for each chapter you get all the rewards by finishing the 4th chapter, you can join the 5th optional chapter for another portrait frame but that one is for hardcore players … not for me.

I had a hard time trying to find better gear and changing my skills, today i got lucky by getting some legendary flail and a shield which allowed me to use a powerful skill without cooldown or resources, it was overpowered that it kills bosses in few seconds.

It took me few Nephalem Rifts to get these items, also i got a legendary gem which give me more gold so i use that for gold farming, but i still need to farm gold because combining gems costs millions of gold and takes all what i have.

Anyway, i’ll keep playing Diablo, waiting for the next season which may not be far from now.

Back to Diablo

This game deserve some screenshots posts

I clicked on Battle.net icon, the application started updating Diablo 3, i switched to its page to see what’s going on, there is an art book called Book of Adria, i really want this book now, and Diablo 3 itself is 50% off.

Ok, now i want to play WoW, clicked on the big blue button that says Play, and Diablo 3 started! i thought i’ll check the game, i haven’t played it for a long time, it’s season 16 and the reward include butterfly wings … i want that!


So i’m playing Diablo again, all becaue i clicked on the wrong “Play” button 😛

Diablo 3 on Switch


Let’s talk Diablo, do you play it? have you bought it? tell me what you think about Diablo franchise, if you have a weblog; why not write about it?

Diablo is a game i should not play, too much violence and gore, fast paced and it can kill your hand or your mouse with so much clicking, and yet i own it, i haven’t played it for a long time now but i like to go back and start a new character.

For a long time Blizzard didn’t do much for Diablo, there are seasons which award transmog items and other stuff, but that’s it, no new expansion, no new game, but i guess things are changing and some people are excited by that.


How things are changing? here is a list:

So i went to Diablo website and i was faced by this, i should tell the website that i’m an adult to let me in, i guess this is legally required because everyone knows it is a useless way to gate content, it’s like putting a gate on land without a wall!

Screenshot (36)

By that date i put there i’m 100 years old 😀

Blizzard have some collaboration with Nintendo, because Diablo 3 for switch have a chicken pet, if you played Legend of Zelda games you know what the chicken mean, there is also other items but i think the chicken is the most important here!

Diablo is a perfect game for Switch, and it makes the console more desirable for me, today i was at a local shop thinking about buying a Switch, it was there, i can buy it now but i thought i can wait, with Skyrim coming to Switch and other games; i see no better game console in the market today.


So, Diablo, Switch … tell me what you think about them.