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Nixxle Logbook – 001: it was a boring day

BilgeWater Port

Bilgewater Port never change, it was filthy, chaotic, noisy, and yet we get things done, today was just another step to climb the ladder and find some place with fresh air:

  • My assistants Sassy Hardwrench wants me to check on Foreman Dampwick, she sent him an explosive gift, the lazy old goblin deserve it!
  • Dampwick told me the some mining trolls are getting lazy, our old slavers (now our slaves) stopped working, even asking for launch breaks!
  • I loath slavers, yet we are doing just that, i always tell myself that all of this will be temporary, i’ll reach the top and then get myself a place away from all this flith, it took me years of hard work to reach the job in the cartel, i can’t have the trolls slowing me down now, and the Kaja’mite is necessary for Goblins, it is what make us smart.
  • My assistants wanted me to collect debt, play a match of Footbomb, it’s all for a good image.
  • I went to Drudgetown slums to collect the debt, it makes me hate the trade princes, Goblins used to be slaves for the trolls, now they slave each other, but look who’s talking here?! i went to beat some poor Goblins for not being able to pay their debts, just for the good image.
  • In the Footbomb field i played against Steamwheedle sharks, we won of course, the last shot was into Mount Kajaro itself, it just happen that Deathwing himself shows up at the same moment, and here my dear Logbook where everything went wrong!
  • Deathwing attacked Mount Kajaro!
  • Earthquakes, that didn’t matter for Candy Cane, she wanted an easy life where i’m rich and she does not need to work, so it was a party and everyone is invited .. except Gallywix.
  • I prepared for the party, nice dress and cool shades, entertained the partygoers, then a pirates attacked the party and the whole port, at this time?!
  • Sassy told me Gallywix waiting for me, angry for not inviting him, he threatened me for being so ambitious, he knows i’m trying to overthrow him as the leader of the cartel, i’m sure he called the pirates to the port.
  • Mount Kajaro erupted, everyone wanted to run away but there is only one ship in the island, Gallywix’s! i have to give him all i own and more to have a place in his ship, so i did! i even stole from the bank to do that, i lived all my life in Bilgewater Port dreaming to run away, this is it!
  • Gallywix enslaved most people who could reach his ship.
  • Running away from Kezan, into a battle between the Horde and the Alliance, The Alliance attacked us with no warning, destroyed the ship, Gallywix ran away in his rocket, he left every one else for the bottom of the sea.
  • I was rescued, then i rescued other Goblins, we washed up in a tropical island.
  • I’m too tired, time to rest, tomorrow we have so much to do.

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Nixxle Logbook – 000: Preface


Sometimes you have to make your own fun, i love WoW but i don’t like the race to the end-game, i have character at level 110 and item level 891, chasing the higher iLVL is not fun, farming old raids for transmog sets gets repetitive quickly, and all of that is not the kind of thing i enjoy.

What i enjoy is the world itself, the settings, the NPCs and their stories, exploring the world, so i’m going back to do that, but i’m playing Horde this time, i always choose Alliance for my character, so it’ll be quite interesting, the rules are simple:

  • No heirlooms, leveling fast is not the goal here.
  • Finishing all quests in a zone before moving to other.
  • Must visit all goblin quest hubs.

I have to mention that GROMOGG was the inspiration to start this character, i chose a goblin because i think goblins are fun, their tropical starting zone is beautiful.

Nixxle will write the next log.