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The 39 Steps – video game


I bought this game years ago in Steam store, i didn’t know what to expect, and what i found was good to keep my playing to the end of the game.

This game is not really a game, it’s an Interactive Fiction, a digital adaptation to a well known novel, a novel and a writer i never heard of, but the novel is the base for many movies, and you can download for free, or listen to it, the novel is in the public domain, so don’t worry, nothing illegal about downloading it.

As for the game, it is a simple one, there is limited interaction, mostly clicking, there is a good voice acting, very limited exploring where you click on items to see or read them, the story is linear, you follow steps of Richard Hannay, a Scottish gentleman who lived in London for 3 months after living and working in some of the British colonies, Hannay was bored with the social life in London and wished for more, and the more came to force Hannay into a dangerous adventure.

There is not much to talk about here, the story start and if you like it you’ll keep following Hannay, the game add some multimedia elements to the story and limit the text you need to read to few short sentences.

I like this sort of game or interactive fiction, so naturally i loved the game and i would recommend it, look for it in Steam and Apple Store.

Where the story start, a social club, a place like this makes want to live in the past!
Advertisement in the past was so innocent compared with what we see today