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Legendary Fishing


As i’m waiting for a wired connection to the net, i spend my gaming time playing single-player games, i went back to Minecraft, it’s been years since i played this game seriously, so much changed i have to relearn so many things.

If i have to choose one video game to play for the rest of my life, Minecraft will be that game, there is so much to do, you can play it as you like, you can make your own world, you can play with other people and build with them or PVP with them, there are so many resources, mods, skins .. etc.

The amazing thing is: i only payed for it once years ago and Mojang still providing free updates.

The other amazing thing is the community, just take a look at Minecraft youtube channels, there are so many of them, and whatever your taste you’ll find someone you like in all these channels.

Anyway, i learned from a video how to make an AFK fishing spot, clever idea and simple, you just leave the game do the fishing for you, you get XP and so many valuable items, one of the items i found is the fishing rod with enchantments, if this fishing rod was in World of Warcraft it will be orange, a legendary!

Here is what these stats means:

  • Unbreaking III: more durability, breaks slowly.
  • Luck of the Sea II: better chance for loot.
  • Mending: XP gained from fishing will mend the fishing rod, means it will never break.
  • Lure II: better chance to catch fish (i’m not sure here)

Anyway, i don’t need another fishing rod, i could leave my character do the fishing and leave, clean the room, organize my files, go shopping, read a book, come back hours later with so much XP, loot and stacks of fish, i’ll never need any other food!

To be honest, i don’t miss WoW, when (or if) i get wired connection i’ll play WoW, i installed first thing on this new PC, but if didn’t enjoy the game, maybe it is time to say goodbye to WoW, i’ll see.

Meanwhile, i’ll keep writing here from time to time 🙂