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Collecting vs investing


I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, i know i prefer investing system over collecting system, let me explain.

In WoW players have collecting system, you can collect hundreds of pets, mounts, toys, achievements and transmog sets, there is so much to collect and that by itself is fine, collecting is fun i won’t deny that, i love to collect mounts for example which makes it very hard for me to resist buying Blizzcon virtual ticket, it’s 40 euro/dollars for the mount, it is one of the best mounts i ever seen and i’m going to buy it .. i know that!

Anyway, while collecting is fun, i find it shallow and sometimes tedious, having more than 100s mounts while using few of them makes it hard to care about collecting more, the only reason i want more mounts is to get an achievement or to get certain mounts like Invincible, the same thing for the pets and toys, reaching an achievement is going to happen but i’m not in a hurry.

Investing in the other hand is a word i picked for a system where collecting is not the goal, instead of having 100s of mounts you only can get few, say from 3 to 5 mounts per character, and non of them is account-wide.

The game itself should have a system where you can tame any kind of beasts, not only that, you have to level them, train them, add some bags to them, customize them with colors or different items, name them, the mount is not a cosmetic thing anymore, it is an investment.

Game designers could add more to the system, like connecting profession to the mounts, engineers don’t need any beasts .. thank you very much! they will build their own mounts, collecting scraps from the world and putting it together, tailors could add cosmetic items to the mounts like flags, and so on.

Mounts in this system is another way to add customization, and each player will have something different than they others, at least you won’t see 30 players in the same place with the same mount (i’ve seen this many times in WoW!).

This is a deeper system than collecting, which i prefer and i would love to see it in WoW but i know this is not going to happen, not after 12 years of collecting mounts and pets, but still .. does not harm to write about it.

Guilds War 2 mounts

Recently ArenaNet announced their second expansion for Guilds War 2, and for the first time in this game there are mounts, just 5 of them but each one is unique, each one have different ability to move around and to start a fight, and they provide different ways to move around the world which in itself is a puzzle, check this video to see the mount:

I really love Guilds War 2, one of the best features in the game is zone scaling, level 80 player will find low level zones challenging or at least not easy, so if you bought the game you can boost your first character to level 80 and the old content will still be relevant, something i wish WoW will do soon.

Oh, GW2 players can change the colors of their mounts using dyes.


Missions Table: conclusion

Nothing to do with the post, just beautiful art when i looked up while trying to get priest mount

After Warlords of Draenor and now Legion, i’m sure now about what i think of Mission Table, for a long time i was between “meh” and “why i’m doing these missions” but now i hope Blizzard will stop using this feature in the next expansion.

Missions never felt like a content i enjoy doing it, i feel like i’m forced to do them, in Legion you have to use the mission table for your class hall and now for a quest in Argus.

One feature i like from mission table is the Bodyguard, in Warlords i always have Defender Illona with me, with her i could take on elite mobs that other players avoid, it is fun to go around with bodyguards and i don’t mind to see this idea in the next expansion.

The mission table itself should change or removed, instead of sending followers i want to go there by myself  with 1 or 2 guards, make it a new type of daily quests, one hub to send the players to do quests in different part of the world, make them hard quests and with good rewards, i know this is much harder to do than table missions but worth it.

What do you think about Missions?

Trogg new model!

When did that happen?! it’s not a big deal i know, but still … i remember talking about the old trogg model saying to a player in WoW that Blizzard need to update them, then i find that Blizzard acullay did!

So this is the old model we all love (i think!):


Life is pain! this is what this model says! look at his face .. just look at it! Gary clearly hate his life, and then Blizzard gave him makeup and few more polygons:


Now this is a proud Trogg! life is not pain anymore, Gary is happy ever after, or at least happy until some gnome kills him and he have to spawn again!

So what does this mean? well … Blizzard updating old models slowly, or next expansion have so many Troggs, can i wish for Trogg raid? or at least a dungeon?

Anyway, all this silly post is for a new trogg model, i’m just happy to notice it today!

Both images taken from Wowpedia.

Pirates, brew and harvest

Beach Bloodsail party

Many events coming soon in WoW, today is the Pirate Day, i got an achievement, a toy which helps me curse like a pirate, and i have a pirate costume for 12 hours, so all is good.

Pirate day was a nerdy geeky day in the web, i rarely see that today, i remember in the early 2000s visiting Slashdot.org and other nerdy websites, and all of them written in a pirate-ish way … sigh, big long sigh, i miss the web of early to mid 2000s, before the wave of social networks.

Manley, fearsome, terrifying pirates!

In WoW also, BREWFEST! i love this event, the atmosphere in Dun Morogh in this event is festive, merry, happy, you have ram racing, beating the Iron Dwarfs, the dungeon boss, so many players show up all the time.

Preparing for Brewfest
The dwarfs there asked me to leave after this!


Changed my hearthstone to the best Inn in Azeroth

After the Brewfest there is the Harvest Festivle, while it’s not cool as Brewfest i’ll enjoy it, who knows! maybe i’ll eat pumpkin pie in real life too!

Nixxle Logbook 008 – around Azshara

Bilgewater Harbor

Running around Azshara takes a lot of time, mountains to walk around, the beach is long and full of naga and sea giants, there are countless vicious animals, gnomes, night elves, Satyrs, dragons.

Uncle Bedlam poster, he wants you and your gold
Found these two in a staring contest
And the orc on the left wins!
Warrior trainer is here! glad to see him in the Harbor, much better place than the city slums
Uncle Bedlam himself! i tried to “take” his hat, he knows how to throw a punch!
Westren side of the harbor, good restaurant, nice place to relax.
Inside the restaurant, the “chef” cooking a crab alive! my poor pet saw this
Away from the Harbor, elves ruins
talking to elves ghosts, a blood elf lady turned me into night elf
Contaminated lab
Searching everywhere for this dragon, i have to die to find him in spirit world


Argus can wait


I remembered one rule today: don’t rush!

When a new content comes i wait for it, let other players go first, i prefer less players around when i do questing in the new zone, so let me talk about other things.

The Wolfhawk

First time i saw the hunter mounts i was disappointed, it’s not flashy look-at-me kind of mount, it does not leave a sparkly trail like that owl from priests order hall, it’s not a oversized druid flying form, it just a small simple looking thing, i used it for a day then switched to using many other mounts.

For a while i used a drake mount, it was big and impressive, too big for my taste but i have to show off that oh-so-rare mount dropped for me in the 5th try, but i could not do that for long, back to small mounts, let’s try that hunter mount again, and that made me love the mount, because it is small it makes me feel i’m running or flying faster than any big mount, it does not take so much space like other mounts, sometimes you need time to appreciate simplicity.

Low level content

Trying to level up a warlock, i saw this in the adventure book:


For my level 22 warlock, if i joined Warsong Scramble (famous egg dish for the horde?!) i’ll get 1600 AP for my artifact! so i just need to reach level 100 to use it, but at least it sells for 100g which is a good amount of gold for low level player.

Blizzard needs to make a team which focus on low level content, yes this content is just for leveling up but why not add some fun to it? add some variety to it, world quests will be a great idea for old content, leveling alts in the same old way gets old after few times.

Also crafting at low level is useless for most players, only if you care about it you’ll use it, crafting at low level made sense in classic WoW times, when +1 armor from a alchemy items do help, but now? there is no need for it, they need to re-design low level crafting.

Also, why not make classic dungeons timewalking? i’m waiting for them, i honestly find 1-60 level content more interesting than what comes after.

Challenge mode characters

While i don’t do them, WoW challenges looks like a fun idea,¬† leveling a character using nothing but white gear, no XP boost of any kind, no death allowed, one death and you are out, no pet battle quests … etc, rules to make the challenge hard.

I wish Blizzard will support this officially, make hard-mode character which in death it deletes itself, it force the player to follow the rules or at least some of them, like you can’t equip green items or better, no pet battles, dungeons or raids, no groups of any kind.

Also Blizzard can add more white items to the games, right now the highest level armor i found is level 90 plate chest item, why not add more white items for higher levels? also new white armor and weapon vendors around the world.

What if Blizzard added white armor and weapons which scale with the player level? maybe this is not a good idea, anyway .. i wish to see Blizzard add different kind of modes for playing the game.

A new mount and other screenshots

DINO! i’m happy!
Thank you RNG!

Farming Zul-Gurub pays at last, to be honest it didn’t take more than 2 weeks to get this mount, now i need the panther mount from the same dungeon.

Panda Door, looks cute
Pandaria is Beautiful, Mogu’Shan Palace
Walking around Nighthold LFR, taking screenshot for the ceiling!
Pumpkin in the Duskwood
The tree log have some light effect i could not capture, i guess there is something here
Location of the house