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A new mount and other screenshots

DINO! i’m happy!
Thank you RNG!

Farming Zul-Gurub pays at last, to be honest it didn’t take more than 2 weeks to get this mount, now i need the panther mount from the same dungeon.

Panda Door, looks cute
Pandaria is Beautiful, Mogu’Shan Palace
Walking around Nighthold LFR, taking screenshot for the ceiling!
Pumpkin in the Duskwood
The tree log have some light effect i could not capture, i guess there is something here
Location of the house


To Egypt

There is always collect mushroom quests .. right?

I’m done with the first story of Secret World Legends, if you don’t know SWL you could say the first story is the first expansion or the first chapter of a long story, there is a mysterious villain, a town needs someone to save it from itself and from a outsiders threat, zombies are every where and there are few safe places in the island.

I remember going through this story years ago when the game was called The Secret World, back then i did something stupid, i focused too much on the main story and rarely did side missions, this time i never left a zone without doing all the missions, that gave me a lot of story details i missed the first time, slowing down and paying attention made the game even more fun to play.

Never forget to be a tourist, even in a doomed world

As i said before, Secret World Legend is all about the story, you don’t play it to level up, you don’t play it for the combat or the PVP, there is no crafting, but the story is great, the characters are unique and everyone is different, you won’t see the same character models with different names, each person have a name will have a unique character model.

Each character here have a story, personalty, they make you care about them

When you take a mission from a character you get a cut-scene, they talk to you about themselves or the town or other people, they talk about problems and threats, you have to pay attention to what they say because it may help you do the mission or understand part of the story, but beware: none of them talk straightforward, none of them say “hey, i have this problem, this is how you solve it, do it!” … no no, that is too easy!

After doing all the missions in three zones, i went to do the final mission in the story, to face the villain who was just a normal man i saw in the starting zone, he was dangerous but i didn’t know who he is, the side missions slowly revealed his true identity, and i have to face him.


After the fight i went into a dream-like world, voices whispering dark thoughts, promising great powers, promising true knowledge, offering gifts … sounds familiar isn’t it? if you play WoW you see this pattern too, or at least if you play shadow priest you know what i’m talking about, the next expansion will be about the Void, or i’ll be very upset with Blizzard.


Walking in the dream land, the voices tried to explain what is true power, tried to guide me to join them, to except their gift, the game here give you a true choice, take the gift or refuse it, this will have a consequence later in the story.

The voices really mean it! here is a gift!

I refused the gift, angered the voices, why would you trust strangers and their gifts? if someone offered me a piece of fresh baked orange cake* i would gladly take it, but “true” power, and “true” knowledge? that is too dangerous.

I went back to London to see what i could do next, my destination this time is Egypt, from eternal nights of Solomon Island, Maine to the sunny desert of Egypt, i love deserts, i feel like i’m starting a new adventure here.

*Note: Orange cake is the best kind of cake in the whole history of mankind, this is a true fact!

Changing my set for the desert.

From the Kingsmouth

Screenshot (43)
Minimalist, he looks like me, only 20 years younger

In my plan for July i wrote that i want to finish the first zone in Secret World Legends, so i did, instead of playing other games i focused on SWL and that payed off, i did all the missions in Kingsmouth Town zone, i also did my first dungeon ever in this game, solo!

But first, if you don’t know the game, Secret World Legends is a new version of The Secret World, an MMO developed and published by Funcom, SWL changed the business model so it is free to play now, and changed the combat system which was a source for many complains in TSW, many people love the game but they didn’t like the combat and the animations, so Funcom tried to improve those in SWL.

Secret World is a unique MMO, first it happen in our world, it’s not some fantasy world made up by someone, in the game you go to places like Egypt, Japan, London .. etc, in this world all conspiracy theories are true, mix that with legends and all kind of myths and cultures, add some fantasy elements and you get this amazing game, you don’t play this game for the combat or the leveling experience, you play it for the storytelling.


Unlike other MMOs, some missions in SWL ask you to search, to think hard about the puzzles, the game have a browser inside it so you can search google for answers! sometimes the answer is in the Bible, sometimes in Wikipedia, and sometimes you have to visit websites made by Funcom just for the game, fictional websites, like Orochi Group website, you have to search it to find answers.

The game is for adults i have to warn you, i never liked horror movies, i hate horror, violence, gore .. etc, for that reason i’ll never play many games or watch many movies, but SWL is an exception of this rule, the storytelling is worth it.


The first story have 3 zones, i’m done with one of them, i think i can finish the other 2 zones if i focus only on playing SWL, but for now i prefer to go away and spend my time with a book or two, the game have to wait.

Looking good .. or boring?

One Boat, one holiday and Thousands Needles


MMO developers design their games to have a reward system, and the system is simple: do this get that, or in case of RNG: do this and maybe you’ll get one of these things, so players learned to do stuff for a reward, and if there is no reward why do it? it is a waste of time to do things in MMOs without a reward at the end … or that’s how some people think.

Blizzard announced the idea of micro holidays months ago, small events in World of Warcraft where you can do stuff without a reward, you do it for the fun of it, if you are not having fun then you don’t need to do it because there is no carrot at the end of that stick, there is no stick!

I love that, i think MMO developers should focus more on making their games fun to play before designing a reward system, an MMO should be fun to play even without rewards, and for that it needs all kind of content for all kind of players.


In Thousand Needles, there is a micro-holiday, it’s all about boats and fishing, collect this stuff, fish for tar (don’t ask how, it’s a game!) and put all that to craft a boat for yourself, a fast boat you can use any where in the game and it is fast, it won’t last for more than a week, it’s temporary and that’s the best thing about it.

One thing you should do in the holiday (if you play WoW) is trying to bounce a ball for 10 times, but why stop there? i did it for more than that because it was fun! i wish there is a way to do it in a group and you should bounce it for 100 times? why not? meaningless harmless fun.


Another thing i like about these holidays is they have nothing to do with real life holidays, most of online games have events related to real life like Halloween, and i’m not a fan of that, i prefer each game to have events related to its lore and history.

Also i love using old content and updated it, an MMO should not abandon the old content or zones and focus only on the newest content, it should keep the world alive and relevant, it should give players a reason to go back to old content, Blizzard doing that with these events, but it can do more.

The Tourist Mode


If you like to read novels or play video games; you are a tourist, you are living in a virtual world built by someone’s imagination, you read the words and imagine the world, your image of the world is unique, and when you play a video game with a world you can explore you are a tourist even if you are thereto kill monsters and digital dragons.

We like to visit new places, look around for new and unique details, trying new things, eating different kind of food, we are nomads, travelers, explorers, and in this age we do that with video games.

I sent a question for Massively OP podcast, and they answered it in episode 115, thank you Bree and Justin for your answer, i asked why there is no “Tourist-mode” in MMOs? in fact why there is no such mode in most video games? it can be done easily in single-player games, just add a mode where i can walk around without the fear of being attacked and killed by monsters, i find so much enjoyment in walking around in virtual worlds.

Games like Dear Esther, Journey, Gone Home, Firewatch and many other, these games are all about story and environment, two things we as people love to experience since the ancient times, the technology is different for sure, but desire to seek the new things is the same.

I wish to see a tourist-mode in MMOs, i don’t know how developer can make this happen, but i’m sure it’s not impossible.

In the other hand, maybe my desire to see new places should push me to travel in real world instead of sitting here in my room exploring virtual worlds, at least i’ll walk and that is a good thing for my health.