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Desert, train and Jones

Desert night, so romantic, with all the cultist running around!

More and more i see things in the games makes me tell myself: i have to watch Indiana Jones movies!

I never watched them, in WoW there is Uldum zone which is full of Harrison Jones quests, and in Secret World Legends there are many missions makes me think about the movies, so maybe i should just watch them.

I’m done with the first zone of Egypt, named Scorched Desert, if this zone was there in real life and there is no dangerous monsters, i’ll go there, i love deserts which have small towns, oases, mountains and people, desert rich with life, you could be a tourist and find peace in the same time.

Anyway, the starting of the zone have interesting missions, then things slow down in the middle then everything goes crazy at the end, the last mission is so interesting, i felt like i’m Indiana Jones, trying to stop a train while fighting cultists.

By the end of the mission i learned major lore details, the story here connect the start of the game with a zone i will visit in the future, if i didn’t pay attention, if i didn’t see videos for the story before, i would not understand these details.

Dates with added filth
One of the best missions, they took my weapons, i have to use hand-to-hand combat
Traveling back in time, to the Roman empire
Old crafting interface, still used for some missions, SWL have no crafting
scary mosaic
Nassir driving a jeep, he is the best .. ignore the mummy in the back
Starting my journey in the moving train


Kicking someone from a moving train, my kind of hobby!

From the Kingsmouth

Screenshot (43)
Minimalist, he looks like me, only 20 years younger

In my plan for July i wrote that i want to finish the first zone in Secret World Legends, so i did, instead of playing other games i focused on SWL and that payed off, i did all the missions in Kingsmouth Town zone, i also did my first dungeon ever in this game, solo!

But first, if you don’t know the game, Secret World Legends is a new version of The Secret World, an MMO developed and published by Funcom, SWL changed the business model so it is free to play now, and changed the combat system which was a source for many complains in TSW, many people love the game but they didn’t like the combat and the animations, so Funcom tried to improve those in SWL.

Secret World is a unique MMO, first it happen in our world, it’s not some fantasy world made up by someone, in the game you go to places like Egypt, Japan, London .. etc, in this world all conspiracy theories are true, mix that with legends and all kind of myths and cultures, add some fantasy elements and you get this amazing game, you don’t play this game for the combat or the leveling experience, you play it for the storytelling.


Unlike other MMOs, some missions in SWL ask you to search, to think hard about the puzzles, the game have a browser inside it so you can search google for answers! sometimes the answer is in the Bible, sometimes in Wikipedia, and sometimes you have to visit websites made by Funcom just for the game, fictional websites, like Orochi Group website, you have to search it to find answers.

The game is for adults i have to warn you, i never liked horror movies, i hate horror, violence, gore .. etc, for that reason i’ll never play many games or watch many movies, but SWL is an exception of this rule, the storytelling is worth it.


The first story have 3 zones, i’m done with one of them, i think i can finish the other 2 zones if i focus only on playing SWL, but for now i prefer to go away and spend my time with a book or two, the game have to wait.

Looking good .. or boring?