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Jubjub and the Westfall chicken


Two battle pets, both need a special way to catch them, if you don’t have them then here is a quick guide.

On alliance character, go to Westfall* and search for a chicken, then keep doing /chicken dance for it, repeat that while you feel embarrassed because other players are hearing you.

* some say any chicken from any alliance zone will do the same, i haven’t tried that.

Eventually the chicken will have a quest for you, buy Special Chicken Feed from Farmer Saldean, go back to the chicken and /cheer it, it’ll give you an egg, congrats … you have a Westfall chicken.

As for Jubjub the frog, you need to wait for Darkmoon Faire, you should have few Dark Iron Ale, 3-4 will do, you can find them for free in Blackrock Depths, basically use the mugs to put them on the ground and make Jubjub jump (repeat jujub jump 10 times fast!) toward Morja, last mug should be near her, she will give you an egg, it’ll take a week to hatch and you get a Jubling.

Blizzard: more stuff like that please, unusual ways to get pets, items or any thing .. i’ll do that even if the prize is silly grey item.


Missions Table: conclusion

Nothing to do with the post, just beautiful art when i looked up while trying to get priest mount

After Warlords of Draenor and now Legion, i’m sure now about what i think of Mission Table, for a long time i was between “meh” and “why i’m doing these missions” but now i hope Blizzard will stop using this feature in the next expansion.

Missions never felt like a content i enjoy doing it, i feel like i’m forced to do them, in Legion you have to use the mission table for your class hall and now for a quest in Argus.

One feature i like from mission table is the Bodyguard, in Warlords i always have Defender Illona with me, with her i could take on elite mobs that other players avoid, it is fun to go around with bodyguards and i don’t mind to see this idea in the next expansion.

The mission table itself should change or removed, instead of sending followers i want to go there by myself  with 1 or 2 guards, make it a new type of daily quests, one hub to send the players to do quests in different part of the world, make them hard quests and with good rewards, i know this is much harder to do than table missions but worth it.

What do you think about Missions?