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The flying sheep and other screenshots

The kid wanted a place for a cat, who am i to say no?!
And here it is, i have to find a name for it .. any suggestions?

In real life news: i always wanted a cat, alas some allergic family members can’t breath around them, so no cats in this house or any pets.

“We green hairs should stick together”
The mysterious case of five moonkins
Punch or tickle?
“How to Tickle a Quilboar” should be a book title
We observe the barrens vulture in its natural habitat
The other mystrious case of a raid team of shaman .. mostly
But hey .. they know how to throw a party
Why evil is always red?! evil should change its colors .. the new year is coming, change your colors!
The hozen was not amused .. i don’t know why
every time i see this world quest i do it .. to hear Khadgar say this line
I’m a shadow dino!
back to normal, and new transmog for my shadow priest, the goal: going back to classic sets
“Do you know where i can find a dentist in Desolace? my face hurt”
“Me too .. life is pain”


Sometimes an NPC is so amazing and i feel the need to make a character just like them, let me admit: i don’t play dwarfs, but Shilah here is so cool i want to make a character like her, a protection warrior or paladin? but i’m not sure i can get this outfit on plate class.





Early WoW memories

Screenshot (16)
I miss this design

When i started playing WoW i thought it’ll be a year or two and i’ll quit, obviously this did not happen, the game is a virtual home for me now, i’m sure i’ll keep playing it for few more years, so today i would like to go back to my earliest WoW memories.

Warning: long post, better to bring cup of hot tea or coffee 🙂

WoW in computer shops and magazines, in the early 2000s the internet was slow and expansive in this part of the world, more than that the internet did not have much to keep anyone connected for a long time, computer nerds (like me!) have to buy computer magazines and go to computer shops where they sell applications and games in large boxes, how i miss these shops.

I saw a piece of news about WoW in 2004, i think it was about beta WoW, i knew from that moment that i want to play this game, it took me many years to do that, every time i go to a computer shop i’ll see the beautiful WoW box and beside it a box for subscription cards, paying online was something few people could do back then.

I watched my brother playing WoW .. a lot, fuzzy memories here, but i remember watching my brother playing WoW, i think he was playing a troll or an orc, back then my idea about Alliance vs Horde was naive and simplistic, i thought the Alliance looks good so they are good, the horde factions look ugly and evil .. they are evil!

I even asked my brother why he is playing the “evil side”? he said everyone he knows play them, nevertheless i enjoyed watching that colorful world, i was so excited to see my brother fishing “ooooh fishing amazing” but felt disappointed when all he did was clicking on the fishing bobber, you see .. games like Ocarina of time have different way of fishing:

I’m not asking for much, am i?

The Worgen almost made me buy the game! from time to time i visit World of War craft website, read about classes and races, after announcing Cataclysm i saw the worgen and i loved the game more than ever, i thought this is the coolest race.

I have to say, i miss the old web, the web designs before this lifeless flat design that look the same where ever i go, old WoW website was beautiful, the current one looks good but i prefer the old one.

My first character was a gnome monk, with green hair! i asked my brother to let me create a character, i think that was in first months of Mists of Pandaria, it was a temporary character, just to test the game, and yet … and yet i could not help it to do som “research” before i made the character!

I’ll admit: i don’t like anything famous! when people go to famous coffee shop i refuse to go there, i choose local small coffee shop because it is less known, less famous, and that was the reason to choose gnome monk, because it was the rarest combination for race/class.

My english back then was not good enough, i can read but understanding what i read meant i read quest text slowly .. reread it many times to understand it, i did all the quests in the starting area for gnomes, and i have to say this soundtrack is stuck forever in my brain, i truly feel happy every time i hear it:

After the starting zone, went to Kharanos, and there i got a quest to go to Ironforge by the flying point, but i didn’t read the text well, i walked there and i’m glad i did, Ironforge for the first time was made me stand in awe, how magnificent is the whole city under the mountain, i walked around and around, i ignored my quest and went in a journey to explore.

Lucky for me it was the time for Darkmoon Faire, i saw the NPC in a bright green robe, told her to teleport me to Elwynn Forest, and there i saw the chat explode, so many people talking.

The one when i thought i could milk cows! in Elwynn Forest chat channel someone said that all the cows in the forest are dead, someone killed them all “how can we get milk from them now?” he asked not knowing that a fool nerd (me!) was so excited by the idea .. “i can milk cows in this game?! awsome!” these small details always more facinating to me than big flashy things … of course you can’t milk cows in WoW .. how disappointed i was when i learned that.

Walking around the forest i reached Stormwind and got lost there! i have no idea how to reach the Faire, untill i saw another green-robed NPC which teleported me to the Faire, i clicked on the portal, few seconds and another soundtrack started to take a place in my brain forever:

To this day the Faire music still bring me to the first time i was there, i love this place.

Then i bought the game, it was by the end of Mists of Pandaria, bad timing if you ask me, Pandaria was one of the best expansions in my opinion, but i was excited and confused, i made 3 or 4 worgen hunters to understand the game, i make a character, i get frustrated by my “mistakes” or by not finishing zones and getting lost in exploring, but i enjoyed every moment of it.

1 tool, 2 stories and some screenshots

Mulgore, such a beautiful place

Useful tool: While i’m trying to organize my alts to see what to do with them, i found a great website which could help me with that: Simple Armory.

Is there another websites do the same? i feel there should be an addon for WoW to plan each alt, provide a checklist for things to do daily or weekly.

Hunter story: flying from Icecrown Citadel to Borean Tundra, i flew over Sholazar Basin, i thought while i’m flying i’ll search for one of the rarest pets for hunters, Loque’nahak, not only it is a rare rare, other players try to kill it or tame it, so there is a lot of competition around this mob.

No matter how many time i search for this pet or wait for it, i never saw it except with few other hunters, so i was so suprized to find it there in the Basin, no other player around, i wasn’t prepared for this, lucky for me i have 4 pets with me, there is a free space for 1 more, tame it .. my heart was beating fast, i read so many stories about player griefing around this pet, angry hunters kill the pet before other hunters get it, other players seeking to get achivement and they don’t care about hunters.

4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … boom, i have the rarest pet! i’m so happy, time to show off the pet all the time now!


Some random screenshots:

Oooh legendary item .. useless for hunters, vendor it
Praying before meeting the Sha of Anger, in hope to get a mount
On right of this road shrine, someone put rice cakes as offering, i was so tempted to eat them!

I find this whole thing fascinating, i mean road shrines and the offerings by travelers, so much to learn here.

Who is the happy Tauren?

That’s all for now.


Comments on vanilla

Screenshot (10)

Internet comments are the best and the worst, i have love/hate relationship with them, sometimes i curse myself for reading them but i can’t help it, comment sections sometimes have the best content, often they have so much ado about nothing.

So instead of writing comments in some websites i thought i’ll write one post here, maybe it’ll be useful to check it again when Blizzard announce launch day for Classic.

Let’s start with the launch day, from Blizzard announcement the project for Classic is still in its early stage, so i don’t expect anything until Blizzcon 2018, i’m hoping they will tell us about the project progress or launch day which will be in 2019, that’s my prediction.

Classic from Blizzard should be a true classic, with no changes from the old game, all the systems should be the same, all the classes and the specs should be the same, i’m with people who want no changes to the game, no QoL features.

I know and i understand the problems with Classic, saw so many videos explain them, i even tested a private server and leveled a hunter to level 20, it was tedious, annoying, slow and yet i enjoyed the slowing down of leveling, i don’t want that to change.

From PC Gamer interview with Brack:

There won’t be cross-realm servers or Looking For Raid and Dungeon Finder automatic party matchmaking

Good, this is how it should be.

We’re going to hire people specifically for this job, and we’re going to staff it with people who are interested in bringing back Classic WoW in the best, most authentic way

This is an answer for people who are concerned about Blizzard putting resources for Classic, let me remind you that Blizzard is not a small company, and they are not 1 project company either, they have multi-projects, different kind of games, different teams for each game.

“I think there will be a lot of tourists,” he adds. “But it doesn’t matter what I think because once we’re committed to doing this at a Blizzard level, which we are, whatever happens is going to happen. If millions of people show up and play for years, that’s awesome. And if just tens of people show up and play for years, we’re fine either way. What’s important to us is that we have this Classic experience people can enjoy, that people do have the opportunity to go back to. This is an important game in videogame history and there’s not a way to go back and experience that today. This is also about preserving something that we think is really important.

So Blizzard is doing this even if small number of people kept playing Classic, another anwser for people who expect the numbers to go down after the first wave of players, even Blizzard expecting that, no point on repeating that like it’s a problem, no one knows for sure what will happen, so why not just wait and see?

Another point here is Blizzard doing this to make an archive, to preserve a piece of video games history, many old single-player games are updated to run on new machines, an MMO need to do the same, and that’s what Blizzard is doing.

So the number of players does not matter here, Blizzard is making the game anyway so people can go to the old game if they want.

More from Eurogamer.net interview:

we’re in the WOW Classic business forever. Once that starts, there’s a commitment on our end that we’re going to continue maintaining those servers for as long as there is a World of Warcraft

What will be the business model for Classic? i predict that Blizzard will ask people to buy the game itself, which many will hate and be so vocal about it, they will say the bought the game in the past why buy it again.

More than that Blizzard will ask people to pay for 1 subscription for both WoW games, but i could be wrong here, they may ask for a separate subscription but it will be cheaper.

Either way i’m paying, people who ask for a free game should consider the efforts to bring Classic to Battle.net, they are hiring people to work on it, the project have to pay for itself, there is no way Blizzard will offer it for free, if they did what will be the business model? Free To Play games are not really free, they have cash shops, lockboxes, loot boxes, this business model is not for WoW, current or Classic.

Some people are asking for updated graphics, and here i’m not sure, i expect Blizzard will keep the old graphics as they are, but what if they offer new models as an option? here i don’t really mind, i’ll keep using the old models.

Another change i don’t mind: better interface, again i don’t expect that to happen but i don’t mind if it did.

One thing i wish to see in Classic: release the game in patches like the old patches, but not with the same bugs, or server crashes, or huge lag.

That’s all i have here, I’ll keep reading comments from people who wish/want/expect Classic to fail, who keep reminding me and others to “enjoy” broken systems and classes, to enjoy long walks around the world to achieve anything, to grind for gear and collect resisting gear.

I’ll enjoy all that and more, thank you very much 😀

Collecting vs investing


I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, i know i prefer investing system over collecting system, let me explain.

In WoW players have collecting system, you can collect hundreds of pets, mounts, toys, achievements and transmog sets, there is so much to collect and that by itself is fine, collecting is fun i won’t deny that, i love to collect mounts for example which makes it very hard for me to resist buying Blizzcon virtual ticket, it’s 40 euro/dollars for the mount, it is one of the best mounts i ever seen and i’m going to buy it .. i know that!

Anyway, while collecting is fun, i find it shallow and sometimes tedious, having more than 100s mounts while using few of them makes it hard to care about collecting more, the only reason i want more mounts is to get an achievement or to get certain mounts like Invincible, the same thing for the pets and toys, reaching an achievement is going to happen but i’m not in a hurry.

Investing in the other hand is a word i picked for a system where collecting is not the goal, instead of having 100s of mounts you only can get few, say from 3 to 5 mounts per character, and non of them is account-wide.

The game itself should have a system where you can tame any kind of beasts, not only that, you have to level them, train them, add some bags to them, customize them with colors or different items, name them, the mount is not a cosmetic thing anymore, it is an investment.

Game designers could add more to the system, like connecting profession to the mounts, engineers don’t need any beasts .. thank you very much! they will build their own mounts, collecting scraps from the world and putting it together, tailors could add cosmetic items to the mounts like flags, and so on.

Mounts in this system is another way to add customization, and each player will have something different than they others, at least you won’t see 30 players in the same place with the same mount (i’ve seen this many times in WoW!).

This is a deeper system than collecting, which i prefer and i would love to see it in WoW but i know this is not going to happen, not after 12 years of collecting mounts and pets, but still .. does not harm to write about it.

Guilds War 2 mounts

Recently ArenaNet announced their second expansion for Guilds War 2, and for the first time in this game there are mounts, just 5 of them but each one is unique, each one have different ability to move around and to start a fight, and they provide different ways to move around the world which in itself is a puzzle, check this video to see the mount:

I really love Guilds War 2, one of the best features in the game is zone scaling, level 80 player will find low level zones challenging or at least not easy, so if you bought the game you can boost your first character to level 80 and the old content will still be relevant, something i wish WoW will do soon.

Oh, GW2 players can change the colors of their mounts using dyes.

Trogg new model!

When did that happen?! it’s not a big deal i know, but still … i remember talking about the old trogg model saying to a player in WoW that Blizzard need to update them, then i find that Blizzard acullay did!

So this is the old model we all love (i think!):


Life is pain! this is what this model says! look at his face .. just look at it! Gary clearly hate his life, and then Blizzard gave him makeup and few more polygons:


Now this is a proud Trogg! life is not pain anymore, Gary is happy ever after, or at least happy until some gnome kills him and he have to spawn again!

So what does this mean? well … Blizzard updating old models slowly, or next expansion have so many Troggs, can i wish for Trogg raid? or at least a dungeon?

Anyway, all this silly post is for a new trogg model, i’m just happy to notice it today!

Both images taken from Wowpedia.

Pirates, brew and harvest

Beach Bloodsail party

Many events coming soon in WoW, today is the Pirate Day, i got an achievement, a toy which helps me curse like a pirate, and i have a pirate costume for 12 hours, so all is good.

Pirate day was a nerdy geeky day in the web, i rarely see that today, i remember in the early 2000s visiting Slashdot.org and other nerdy websites, and all of them written in a pirate-ish way … sigh, big long sigh, i miss the web of early to mid 2000s, before the wave of social networks.

Manley, fearsome, terrifying pirates!

In WoW also, BREWFEST! i love this event, the atmosphere in Dun Morogh in this event is festive, merry, happy, you have ram racing, beating the Iron Dwarfs, the dungeon boss, so many players show up all the time.

Preparing for Brewfest
The dwarfs there asked me to leave after this!


Changed my hearthstone to the best Inn in Azeroth

After the Brewfest there is the Harvest Festivle, while it’s not cool as Brewfest i’ll enjoy it, who knows! maybe i’ll eat pumpkin pie in real life too!