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Ash the cat and random stuff

This is truly horrifying … what is wrong with his eyes?!

Watching … or rather listening to Method live stream was exciting, Method made something out of raiding, for years first kill videos used to be that; a video, published in a platform like youtube after the kill, Method turned that into something more than 100k people watched it at one point … that is impressive.

And here is some random stuff


This is Ash, i sent Bailey the gorilla to the stable to take some earned rest, Ash comes from the new Darkshore, the new cat model looks nice, the name comes from the color, i just hope to get the cat mount from Darkshore … and soon in 8.1.5 hunters will be able to use one pet as a mount 😀


I want to see this quilboar as a raid boss … world boss? or make him fight in an arena where mobs fight and the players watch … i’ll watch that, make it a micro-holiday! turn yourself into a quilboar for 12 hours by watching a match.


Engineers can make boats, very useful while we don’t have flying now.


How long i waited for this world quest to appear? i wasn’t lucky in Legion, when this quest appeared i wasn’t playing then it never showed up, the other quest offer a pet and i did that in Legion, now i have the mount at last.


I like doing these quests every time i take an alt to Drustvar.


Every time visit the pet shop i see this big man and his corgi and i go “ahhh … cute!” 🙂


No kid, you don’t, you really really don’t want to be a Death Knight, first there is death then you have to go back to Warth of Lich King which was in the past, you’ll make a mess of a timeline and Chromie is not going to clean after you.


Yep, fishing in the blood of the planet … Magni is not amused.


Every time in Siege of Orgrimmar i use Piccolo of the Flaming Fire and watch Varain dance, everyone dance there … it makes me laugh every time, serious situation with silly dance!


Somewhere in Wetlands, flying over this circle of flowers, me and the player in the middle there found it for the first time as he flew down to check it out as i did later, the game hide details like this very well.

Dear Postmaster

I’m writing this in a lovely day, sunny and warm, the winter is coming and it is the best time of the year, i write to you in hope to reach an agreement about recent mails i got from you.

While i’m scouring caves, mines, castles and dungeons, i killed countless enemies, took their gold and silver with my trusty Loot-A-Rang, took some of their gear and left anything i considered trash, unworthy things that have no place in my bags.

Yet i find all the trash in my mailbox! what in the world are you doing?! are stalking me?! because there is no other explanation, you come after me to loot the dead and empty their pockets from all the trash i left there then you send it all to me? in the name of all old gods: WHY?!

You even sent me troll sweat you sick sick man! how did you do that?! did you find sweaty dead trolls and starting to “harvest” their sweat?! this is beyond disgusting.

Sir, you need help, in the name of all holy things you need to learn what to send and what to leave on the ground, ask Katy for help, or better, let her be the new Postmaster … or Postmistress.

A grumpy hunter

Seriously, the postmaster have a problem, who send cheese in the mailbox?! tell me, did it happen to you? after doing many dungeons you find your mailbox full of trash?

Try Classic WoW in Blizzcon .. or at home


Good news Classic fans … buying Blizzcon virtual ticket will give you different rewards for Blizzard’s games, and access to limited Classic WoW, just 2 zones, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde, and by that Blizzard already did one of two things i wanted to hear about in Blizzcon.

As for the rewards, 2 faction themed cloaks and 2 banners, not as impressive as the mounts from last year, but i don’t really care, Classic news is important.

The other thing i want to hear about in Blizzcon is anything related to Diablo:

  • New class for Diablo 3? ok, i’ll take it
  • Diablo 3 new expansion? good
  • Diabo 4? better
  • Diablo the MMO? even better.

Random screenshots from WoW

chatting with Granny Marl, helping her shooting birds
Planet vs Zombies
Leaning on walls … i need to do that Blizzard
Can i do that too Blizzard? i want to look bored!
I want glasses for transmog
Leaning and playing with knife .. nice details in Boralus
I feel sorry for them every time i pass by, i mean they are there all the time!
Best name for best gnome!
Bards next expansion? please!
that’s not how a lady sit on a chair!


Taming a new pet, mythic only so at last i can do it, i named it Aberash, which by that website means “giving off light, shining” in Amharic.


Kul’tiran Balance druid

Highmountain moonkin form

Wowhead started mining patch 8.1 in PTR, so many interesting things coming in the patch, but the most interesting thing for me is new allied races, Kul’tiran for Alliance, Zandalari trolls for Horde, and both can be druids, and you can work for both of them right now, mostly reputation grind, by the offical release of 8.1 you should get exalted with the faction.

Wowhead have the models for moonkin form for the Kul’tiran druids, also for Highmountain druids, and aqua form for the Zandalari, the Highmountain moonkin form looks normal, just different colors and with moose horns, the Zandalari aqua form  looks dino-ish … and dionsaurs are cool, but look at this horror:


What is this?! it’s ugly, i love it! when i play druid i play mostly Balance, so this is how i will look while walking around Azeroth …. when i walk to NPCs they should run away from me.

One more thing, Kul’tiran heritage armor, one commenter in Wowhead noticed that there is no thin kul’tirans, i hope that just because  it’s too early for 8.1 in PTR, but i guess Blizzard will not offer that option since there is no thin female kul’tiran.

Watching Method’s world first

screenshot from the stream, G’huun is dead

Method, a WoW guild in EU was and still streaming their Uldir mythic raid, and they got world first kill for G’huun, it took them so many wipes to reach the last boss, it took them so many “so close” moments, from 4.8% to 3.3% to 1.8% to 0% and and exciting moment for more than 100k viewers from all Method channels.

This is the first time anyone streaming a raid like that, and for me as a very casual player i have a chance to see what the pro players do and how they play, first thing i noticed as the stream change the camera between the raiders; they have so much going in the interface, so many warnings and information flying around.

The other thing is they are studying the raid and what happened, and try to avoid falling into same mistake, slowly they progress from phase to phase, i saw them die at phase one and come back to do it again and again then they perfected this phase so now they have to learn phase two … and it goes like that slowly.

Playing like that is not for me, but watching others doing it? oh yes, it was exciting to see world first live on the net, we are lucky, just imagine people in 2004 have the tech we have today, will they stream first kill for Ragnaros?

Anyway … i rarely watch streams for WoW players, but Mythic world firsts? i think i’ll enjoy watching these streams, we know there is 2 raids in 8.1, that will be exciting to watch.

On island Expeditions


I didn’t know what to think of Island Expeditions, wasn’t excited about them but i liked the idea of 3 player scenarios, quick queue and short game-play, i thought i’ll give it a try, and the more i play them the more i like them.

Wowhead have a good guide, they always have good guides, but i prefer to try first then read guides, i confess: i never read dungeon or raid journal or guides, i prefer to just go there and try them, make mistakes and learn, then after that i read guides to learn more.

One main reason to keep me doing these expeditions is to get mounts, pets and transmog items, and in the last one i got a pet:


It’ll take time to collect all the rewards, so far that’s not a problem, i’m sure after few weeks i’ll feel bored with them, and that’s fine, but for now i’m enjoying them … a lot.

I’ve got the power


By the end of Balance of Power quest chain, i got the look and i’m not impressed, Beast Mastery gun looks ok, other classes have much better appearances, there is glowing bear for druids, for that alone the whole chain is worth repeating, in fact all classes have great weapon looks, the only ones i’m not impressed with are hunter weapons and warrior weapons.

Hints: most of quest chain is easy to solo at level 120, for raids it’s better to have item level of 310 or more, Emerald Nightmare is soloable but 2 bosses may give you trouble, Ursoc and Xavius, as a hunter i have no problem since my pet take the damage stacks, so it’s better to bring a group.

One run for Emerald Nightmare should be enough to finish the quest.

Nighthold needs a group, some bosses are hard or impossible to solo like Krosus or Star Augur Etraeus, with a group of five we cleared the whole place in no time, it was much quicker than trying to solo it, it took me 2 runs to finish the quest and it should not take you more than that.

Other than that everything else is just easy work, there is a lot of it, that’s it.

In Drustvar woods


Since Blizzard announced Battle for Azeroth and showed the new zones, i (like many other) loved Drustvar from first sight, the wicker witches, wicker constructs, the creepy woods and the  disgusting monsters, i find all of that enchanting, there is some connection between all of this and old religions, there is even connection to some new religions.

Also Drustvar offer a different kind of druidism, which i find more interesting than the usual druidism we know in the game.

Mild Spoilers ahead, if you didn’t do the zone then maybe skip this post and come back later.

Drustvar the zone

Story begin with the absent Mr and Ms Waycrest, lords of Drustvar, we are sent to investigate what’s going on, we find a whole village of people who are frozen by dark magic, we can’t dispel the magic easily, from here on we are dealing with witches and their foul magic.

Soon after saving a village there is a witch trial in which we meet the accused witch, lady Lucille Waycrest, daughter of Mr and Ms Waycrest, the villagers about to hang her for her crimes, we work to save her by convincing villagers that she is not a witch, using silly ways to do that.

After saving Lucille she will accompany us throughout the zone, fighting witches and the drust constructs, trying to find out what is this magic, who is behind it, who are the drust and what is their relation to the witches coven?


Drustvar is one of few zones which is better at night, unlike most of WoW zones; i waited for the night to do questing in Drustvar, there is one part of the zone which i think will be better at the day, the open mountain zone, covered with snow and important lore about the Drust.

I enjoyed the whole zone, the witches coven story and their creepy magic, finding out a different type of druidism (it’s a tiny part but important), trying to figure out who is the Drust, even the dungeon in the end was cool, i loved this zone, almost perfect, the music is sometimes annoying, and sometimes it does not stop so i have to switch it off.

Who are the Drust?

Mr. Rossi answered this in his article, i bookmarked the article to read it later after i finish the zone, i wrote down notes while questing in Drustvar, something i never did before, and i can see the benefit of doing that, i can follow the story lines and understand them better, but i need to learn what to write because writing every little quest and NPC means endless notes.

Most likely the Drust are ancient Vrykul, the ruins around Drustvar point to that, also The Coven use runes magic just like the Vrykul, other than that i could not find anything else tells me who are they, from some quests their images or spirits looks like big humans.

Of course Mr. Rossi’s article explain that better, read it.


Tiragarde Sound done

Always goats … and i miss the clouds .. i real life i mean!

Quick report:

  • my main hunter is level 116.
  • did all quests in Tiragarde Sound, 2 war outposts in Zanadalri zones, 1 dungeon (Freehold).

I was doing all that slowly,  i go off the path to explore, try to climb mountains to find goats (always goats) on the top of the mountains, mine ore and open treasure chests, by the end of second zone i’ll reach 120.

Tiragrade Sound job is showing the player what Kul’tiran culture is, there is one main story and that ended quickly for me, the remain of the zone focus on common people and their problems, fishing, hunting, nobles who love hunting and think it’s a game, or enjoy good horse riding, some weird turtle dude who is terrifyied of riding horses yet he do it anyway.

This brought back memories, i was terrified of riding horses, yet people around me pushed me to do it and not in a good way, the horse maybe sensed my fear, but it was my mistake to lean on one side, the horse started to go around and around then jumped, i saw a chance to jump .. landed on my side, no harm done, except i thought i’ll never ride a horse again … i think i’m a half-dwarf!

Always hated anything forced on me, that’s explain why i never liked schools, some people need time, i think i can handle horse riding today.

Another Mountain, another goat

In general Tiragarde sound was great zone, the music was beautiful, it is background music, does not ask for attention but it add some flavor to the zone, and most importantly: the music stops from time to time, quietness is necessary, without it i’ll get sick of the music and turn it off.

Zone design is different in BfA, zones feels more natural and realistic, feels like a place not a fictional place, one end of the zone looks different than the other end,  and between them the land change gradually, even moving to another zone does not change that, the transition is smooth.

Compare that to say moving between Elwynn Forest in Westfall, one is a lush forest the other is a barren land, you can see the border between them, you know you moved between zones when you crossed the river, BfA zones don’t have that clear divide .. so far.

Monsters of wood and bones, a hint for what’s coming in another zone

Boralus is a great city hub, it brings back so many memories, my family used to be a fishing family, but almost everyone here was fishing decades ago, it was the only way to find something to eat and earn some living, things changed and people have jobs, but many never forgot our past, we still go fishing, even when the sea claim some of us.

Sometimes i feel lost in my past, on what places used to be, i miss the local harbor, the city claimed the place and changed it, it used to be simple place, fishermen and common folk used it everyday, it wasn’t modern by any means, it needed some improvements, they removed the old harbor, build new buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, yachts harbor, the place was free for any fisherman, no one ask for permission to put a boat there, now everything looks clean, modern and soulless, and i lost a great place, now i go there once every two years or so just to get upset about the change.

Sorry … i know this have nothing to do with the game, but i can’t help it, places like Boralus and Booty Bay will always bring sweet memories.

I spent a lot of time in Boralus fishing, cooking and doing some crafting, still need a tour around the place, there are hostile mobs in Boralus and that’s something i never saw before, city hubs usually are safe places, but in Boralus to reach some unique vendors you need to fight!

In conclusion: Tragrade Sound is perfect, i could not find one thing i didn’t like about this zone, i tried, and i’m afraid that i will love Kul’tiras so much i’ll need to admit that it is better than Pandaria, a great problem to have!

Now into Drustvar … the zone i’m looking forward the most.