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The Jade Forest dilemma


In Westfall i know the end quest will burn Sentinel Hill, so i don’t do it, one burned Sentinel Hill is enough, so why repeat it on alts? now i’m in Jade forest i know what’s going to happen, should i go with it and allow the game to make me feel guilty again? or skip some quests, let the Jade Forest in peace? what do you think?


And now to the really important stuff, i hear Pandaren repeat: family, friends, food, these are what matters most, so let’s talk about game food in real life, Pandaren food vendors have many items, these are some of them:

Roasted barley tea, this is a real thing, and it seems easy to make, so why not try it?

dried peach, i love dried fruits, dried apricot is the best, it is something i buy every month, my breakfast is usually nuts and dried fruits, but i never tried dried peaches, i’ll see if i can find them in a local store.

Yak cheese Curds, i could not find something like this item, but there is yak cheese, and it seems many online stores sell it, it is expansive, and many stores sell it as dog food! to get the real thing i need to visit Nepal or Tibet.

Pounded Rice Cake, if you can find Glutinous rice in your town or city, then you can make rice cake, many Asian countries have a variety of rice cakes, i tried some of south indian ones, also ate so much dosa, rice bread.

Also i tried once Mochi, which is a japanese rice cake.

Red Bean Bun, this is made from red bean paste, i only ate it once, a local japanese restaurant used to make Anpan, soft bread with bean paste, i loved it and alas the local restaurant stopped making them.

It baffles me when some people talk about how they travel to far places and eat the same food they eat in their homes, what is the point of traveling if you did that?

I love to read and try all kind of cuisine form all kind of cultures, i have 2 rules, no alcohol, and no watermelons! don’t ask, i just can’t eat watermelon, it feels like sugary sponge, other than that i’ll try anything.

And it seems i care too much about food! i’ll stop here before i rant so much and turn this blog into food blog 😀


To Pandaria


After making a Lightforged Draenei (paladin), i focused on leveling him to reach Pandaria as fast as possible, usually i prefer to slow down while leveling but for the Allied races the goal is to reach level 110 and get the heritage armor.

But Pandaria is different, i want to slowdown in Pandaria because i love this place, yesterday i reached level 80 in Sholazar Basin and it was night, dropped any quests i have except the one which tells me to choose between Cataclysum or Pandaria, went to Stormwind and logged out.

I wanted to reach Pandaria in the morning so the time in the game will be in the day not in the night! seems silly but i prefer the sun and the day in WoW and in real life, it just feels … er .. happier.

So here is my Paladin, with a new beard, in Pandaria.


So … tell me, did you level one of the allied races? i saw many players with heritage armor, but i think most of them are Void Elves, i saw few Nightborne in Dalaran.

We all need justice and honey

“I have flags!”

It’s a post about few things, none of them about a happy man with flags.

Scaling, so far so good, that’s basically it, i made a Lightforged paladin, called him Fihar, took him to Darkshore, while questing in the zone i’ll join few dungeons, so i finished quests in Darkshore, went to Ashenvale and did like 80% of the quests and i reached level 40, i was waiting for this because i wanted to reach Felwood which is full of demons, and Lightdforged have a racial ability gives them 20% more experience when they kill demons.

Mobs takes more time to kill, they do some damage! some of them stun, curse, debuff, silence .. etc, many of these abilities i never saw before, because mobs have no time to show off before.

As for dungeons, gone the days when a tank can pull the whole dungeon, go make a cup of tea, open the tin box to take some biscuits, comes back to play with one hand while the other is busy with tea!

Dungeons are slower for sure, and some bosses do have abilities! i never saw a boss in Scarlet Halls kill a player before, it happened yesterday … to me! i wasn’t even mad, i said “well this is a first”, it was amusing.

Paladin class, to be honest i’m not having fun playing paladin, i remember playing Retribution Paladin in Warlords and it was fun to play, with all the procs flashing in the screen, now the class feels slow, i tell myself to reach Legion and maybe the artifact weapons will add some fun.

LFR is hard, while playing my main i rarely saw LFR group wipe, people know what they should do, now? i joined LFR many times with my boosted character (horde side) and i never finished one LFR wing, wiping once or twice is ok, but keep doing that over and over? i don’t know what’s going on, is it new players? or player who never joined LFR before and they are trying that now? i gave up on LFR for now, focus on leveling allied races instead.

T’paartos! T’paartos is our new hero, we all love T’paartos, if you don’t love T’paartos then T’paartos will just keep being kind to you, because T’paartos is kind, T’paartos is brave, T’paartos is humble, T’paartos hate snakes!



This screenshot is for Ruumbo, a talking totem in Felwood, and a lighthearted quest giver for a depressing zone, Felwood is depressing, the atmosphere is sick green in the whole zone, so it is nice to see Ruumbo who demand justice and honey, this should be the logo of all justice departments in every country, ruumbo face with a honey jar.


The fun quests continue with Impsy the imp, you capture him in a bag and he have no love for nice things, we all know imps are terrified of rainbow! so you get a quest to terrify imps with rainbow power!

That’s all.

The Pug is dead

Levitating from Mount Hyjal to Teldrassil, it took some time

Long time ago, in different expansion and with a naive character, i saw in Stormwind a little cute pug puppy, he was a high level dog running around, by mistake i right-clicked on him and that meant hitting him with a staff and the dog one-shotted me … i yelled in Stormwind: I was killed by a puppy!

And now … (let’s turn this into a Hollywood movie, in  deep cinematic voice): i took my revenge!


Crithto running around happy like a puppy … well he is a puppy! i was with my bear tank, i thought “it is on puppy!” and shoot him in the face, my bear attacked like he always do, it does not matter  the puppy is tiny little thing, he is a monster!


I could not take a good screenshot, i was laughing so hard, feeling sorry for the poor dog but i have to  take my revenge.

RIP Crithto … you’ll spawn again in few minutes.

And here is some random screenshots

Furbolg hunter … i wish Blizzard update Furbolg models.
A rare in Shadowmoon Valley, drop a mount
Another rare, in Nagrand, another mount
I love this mount, i have deep love for elephants,
Hearthstones box, i didn’t notice that before, in Dalaran Alliance inn
New interface for level 60 characters, i love it

I’m running out of subscription time, for a few days i won’t add more time, i want to play other games, then i’m going back to WoW, but for now i’ll try to finish LFR wings and go to Silithus with my main.


Rukhmar, Eversong and a sleeping murloc

Let’s wait here … because we will save 3 sec!

It’s the ranting time … sigh! every week i try to get a mount from Rukhmar, and always there are players who can’t wait 5 seconds to for the boss to reach a place where everyone can shoot it and loot it, most wait over a small mountain some people even wait in a platform where the boss spawn near it in the sky.

When you hit this boss he just stop there in go down slowly, means sometimes he fall on a side of the mountain where no melee class can reach him, i’m a hunter i don’t have a problem there.

But .. i find this so annoying, it is the only time where i /yell at people asking them “why?!” or “can’t you just wait 5 sec so everyone can hit it” and no one cares, no one even answer, not even with a snark or ridicule!


This dwarf do something form time to time, he works in Kharanos forge most of the time, but sometimes he walks from there to the inn while hammring all the way non-stop, talk in Dwarfish in the inn then going back to the forge … i need to come here by my dwarf warrior to see what’s going on.


Have you ever walked behind Silvermoon city? this is what it looks like, first time here for me, walking around trying to explore Eversong Woods.


I’m a little proud of this achievement, as my main is Alliance, i haven’t explored 2 zones yet, Ghostlands and Eversong Woods, both Horde zones and both prevent players from flying, so i have to be so careful not to run into Horde NPCs, that was easy in Ghostlands but Eversong Woods? that took some planning and slowing down.

If you have a class/spec which offer some kind of Stealth then you can explore the zone without aggro-ing any NPCs, you have to walk into Silvermoon City which means you’ll be flaged for PVP, but you only need to walk into the gate then get out while stealthed.

I explored the zone without killing any NPCs, or even pulling aggro of anyone .. if the game offer a choice, i want to be friendly with both factions.


I volunteered for a lesson, the mage turned me into a hand … looked creepy cool.


When the game drop one of the best weapons for the wrong class, this is 2H mace from Throne of Thunder, Invocation of the Dawn, i still have no class high level enough to get this weapon, but i hope it’ll drop again one day, i think it is on of the best looking weapons in the game.


My rogue frozen in the middle of a killing move here, 2-3 seconds chance to get a screenshot for this cool action.


Fishing in fel, i found a sleeping murloc here!

Lucid Nightmare at last


So i have it, what a nightmare to spend hours in the endless halls, i tried to solve the halls maze many times, i got lucky today for having easy halls.

The whole puzzle to get this mount designed for a community not for solo players, of course the community wrote guides to help others get the mount, otherwise i won’t bother trying to solve it myself.

I know designing puzzles is not easy, you have to balance it so it’s not too easy and not too hard, keep it interesting, i love puzzle games like Myst series because it reach this level of balance.

I wish Blizzard designers work on puzzles that does not need a whole community to solve them, let me work for it, solve it myself, and get the reward and be proud of that .. while it is a nice mount, i’m not really happy about getting it.

Finished with the endless halls, colorful hall shows up
Karazhan crypt, creepy place
really creepy
But you can fish in this water full of dead bodies
Also here .. in shallow water, the chest is there, and i got 250 fishes achievement here!


For Bossy … and a hat!

Bossy … i’m sorry

it all started with a simple quest, kill a cow! the monk was angry at the whole world, at booty bay, at the that tauren admiral, why he have to be a tauren? if he was a gnome or even a gnoll; Bossy won’t need to die!

I was happy in Stranglethorn Vale, i reached the famous Booty Bay
I worked for the bay, spent my time at its inn, help its people, goblins and one tauren
To fool the Bloodsail pirates, the tauren asked me to kill a cow!
Bossy … i’m truly sorry
RIP Bossy … i’ll avenge you
on the highest building in Booty Bay
I’ll show you Booty Bay! for BOSSY!
becoming a double agent, now i belong to the Bloodsail
I risked my life for lime!
Flirting with bloodsail girls .. didn’t work well
fighting ninjas … i don’t know what’s that!
Invading the Booty Bay, with roof worgens .. drinking beer
Dancing before the massacre
Smart goblin, he escaped my fists of fury
I did terrible thing, he should blame himself for being a tauren .. for BOSSY
The Bloodsail Buccaneers consider me a friend now, i’m BloodSail Admiral
They gave me a red admiral hat, with skull and bones … the shovels are mine!

So i’m trying to get The Insane title, i skipped doing that on my main, doing this on my monk, i decided that he is a simple farmer who truly love cows, and killing Bossy snapped him! so he swore revenge on Booty Bay, and he is now grinding reputation with Bloodsail .. it’ll take time to get the title.

I’m following this guide from Wowpedia, it is simple, but needs so much work.