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Cho, tell me a story


I still remember the mornings in my grandmother’s old house, always cold mornings, my grandmother will set in courtyard just before the sunrise, i wake up before the sun and join her, it was the 80s so there is not much to do, i was a shy kid and always preferred to be alone, playing with others wasn’t something i like to do much, beside; i’m the only kid who wake up at this time.

My mother will join us soon, there is coffee which i never touched and they never offered it to me, then we have a breakfast after the sun rise, never before it, days are slow and people are not in a hurry, it was always bread baked over charcoal with honey and cheese, the day start to warm up, it was always a beautiful day, or that’s what i remember.

My mother and grandmother will talk about everything, they tell stories after stories, and each story lead to another, usually tragic stories about real people, sometimes it’s gossip about women in the town! and there will be stories about witches, magic, jinn, ghouls, flying wizards and all kind of scary mythical creatures, they scared me with these stories yet i can’t have enough of them, even when i see nightmares in my sleep.

Stories always enchanted us, since the ancient times we gathered around, stayed awhile and listened, now people read and watch stories and in some games they can live the stories, but i feel that we should never forget the old ways, we should from time to time set and listen to storytellers.

In WoW my absolute favorite character is not a hero who sacrificed everything, he is a historian of sort, Cho Lorewalker.

Cho told us stories, i loved them first time i heard them, i loved them more every time i hear them again, from time to time i visit Cho to hear him again.

The Zandalari Prophecy
The Ballad of Liu Lang
The best story of them all: Hozen in the Mist

I wish Blizzard will keep him working as a historian for his people, so he travel outside Pandaria to collect stories and tell them.


Doing stuff in WoW

Cute and deadly!

A mix of things, i’ll try to keep it short.

Two vendors

Quick hint, i just found out about two vendors, they show up before going into Broken Shore instance, so if you miss both of them you can find them in different places.

Alliance: Lenny “Fingers” McCoy,  he sells a shirt, a toy and expansive junk.

Horde: Ravika, Troll lady you can find in Echo Isles, she sells 3 toys and 1 transmog item, this item allow you to hide your boots.

As alliance player it is good to find Ravika, i have horde characters but none of them did the Broken Shore instance, so i went to her to buy everything she offer.

Achievements, mounts .. etc.

Commander of Argus, this was almost done, when i see a rare elite mob in Argus i just kill it, but few require a world quest and one require some grind, Rezira the Seer needs a device to open a portal, that device need 500 demon eyes.

The reward for this achievement is a good one if you care about transmog, many swords and shields, but alas no gun or a bow.

Adventurer in Azsuna, i did all the requirement except Treacherous Leyrunners, i found that after killing the 2 unicorn you have to loot a box to get the achievement, it only took me weeks to think about reading comments in Wowhead to get this one.


Killing 2000 demons in Argus to get this mount, nice one but i like different colors, sick of Fel green.


These are easy achievements but need some traveling around Azeroth, you need to /love critters and kill some of them to get Pest Control.


Another dungeon mount, this one from The Vortex Pinnacle, one of the most beautiful places in the game.

I got Silithid Mini-Tank pet, it’s a drop from rare elite in new Silithus, it took me days of trying, every day there is a chance for a drop from 3 elites in the zone.


Bloodhoof Bull, from Nak the Thunderer, big mount, even bigger when used by a tauren or a gnome, sometimes i love using it for a short time around the cities .. it’s so big!


My hunter is shocked! look at what i found in Cavern of Times, old dwarf model lost here, how many times i walked around here and i never saw him before!


Somewhere in Dalaran, a robot working hard on cleaning the city … yes i was bored, i walked around, i found this.

That’s it

Challenging Look


Beast Mastery hunter challenge look: Done!

This is the first one, i wasn’t planning on doing more but this give me hope that maybe .. just maybe .. i can do it on other specs or classes.

I tried this challenge about 4-5 times, sometimes i die in a minute, other i manage to do better, this time i thought i’ll give it a try, no potions, no food buff, no enchantments, just pay attention and do it slowly.

It worked!

I read this guide and made some macros, the macros helped a lot, but most important thing i did is paying attention, interrupting Tugar at the right time, avoiding Jormog and looking for where it’s going, and just keep my pet alive and tank Tugar, when Tugar died it was easy just to stand in my place and kill Jormog, i have a magical healing pants!

i’ll see if i can do it on other specs which i rarely play, maybe also on my shadow priest.

Update on Classic from Blizzard

Screenshot (10)

Blizzard wrote a post about classic progress.

  • They chose 1.12 version of Classic WoW, that is the last patch before Burning Crusade.
  • The old code is not compatible with current login system or modern graphic cards.
  • Old code does not support modern security and anti-cheating tools.
  • They decided to use modern code with old data to make the game.
  • They are working on updating the data formats and databases.

I wasn’t expecting any news about Classic until Blizzcon 2018, but glad to hear something about it, and Blizzard wrote enough details about the challenges they face to update the game and make it suitable for their current platform.

Of course no news about Classic can ever live without the same old comments written again and again, the “rose tinted glasses” or goggles comment, the reminder that classic “sucked” or the warning that people will abandon the game as soon as the play it … sigh, we need a bingo card for these comments!

Anyway, glad to hear about classic, people who live to devour happiness can keep trying … i will still enjoy Classic 😀

Gilneas and other screenshots


Gilneas from afar, i wish to see it again as a main city for the Alliance


“i’ll help you … with a DANCE!”


Art appreciation, very important activity while your city under seige by werewovles and the undead … always stop for art.



Greymane Manor … huge.


The manor from inside, Gilnean people are worried, the queen talking with them.


Art appreciation again.


Running away to a village far far away.


Worgen transformation … it is painful.


The monster is within


I don’t know, i felt the need to sing this here


Is this Harry Potter reference?


I’m not convinced yet, pie is good but so is cake and tarts … and galette!

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Back to worgen


Back to playing normal, by that i mean just enjoying WoW while playing at my pace, which is slow, i’ll admit, it was a mistake to try leveling 2 character as fast as possible, doing that meant i’ll turn the game into homework and i’ll start to play less because of that.

I’m back to where i started, in Gilneas, after buying WoW my first character was a worgen, but that was long time ago, now none of my characters is worgen and i need to correct that mistake, so i deleted my low level druid and replaced him with a worgen, named him Lerral, as always i’ll try to choose a name from Myst games.

Worgen starting zone is a long story i wish it never end, the atmosphere of the whole zone is something i love so much and i can’t explain it, it is the whole mix of werewolves and gothic city and there is a hint of steampunk, an aesthetic i love.

The only other zone which have something like that is Duskwood, there will be more of these themes in BfA in Kul Tiras, not going to write about it here because i’m sure some people want to avoid any spoilers.

If you haven’t played worgen starting zone i think you should try it, and if you collect items for transmog then that is a good reason to do that, Two quests in the zone give you weapons and some of them are unique:

For example i like this gun, and this staff looks creepy cool, and this mace, if you want all these weapons then make a warrior worgen character, play the whole zone.

In Wowpedia there is a page about Harvest witch, humans who have some control over nature and they will have a major role in next expansion, this is the link between druidism and Kul’tirans druids, and it is not the good old druidism we know from the classic wow days, it is something different.

When Blizzard showed the Zandalari druid forms i was so excited by that, i thought they’ll never make anything cooler than that, then someone at Blizzard thought “hold my tea” (yes tea!)  and made Kul’tiran druid forms which is cooler and creepy in a good way.

This makes me want to do two things:

  • read WoW RPG books and see what they say about druids and humans.
  • read about real life druid history.

Anyway .. i just find this whole new kind of druidism in wow fascinating, and we are getting more of creepy things to see, while i hate violent and horror movies, there is a part of me love “creepy but cool” things … i honestly don’t know how to explain that, so i’ll stop here 🙂

Purple Horse


In the pervious post i said Warlocks have one mount and it change colors depend on the spec, i was wrong, and i’m happy for being wrong because now i can have purple horse while playing any spec, the purple horse drop from an elite demon in Broken Shore, the fire horse is sold in the Class Hall.

I wish other classes have this system where you can use any mount, for example priests have one mount and it change colors with spec, maybe Blizzard thought that is important because shadow must have only shadow owl, but holy golden owl looks better and i can’t have it.

Fir horse looks good too

Trying to get Fishfreind of the isles achievement, i’m done with Keeper Raynae and bought a cooking recipe and a fishing bobber from her, it was a quick reputation grinding, i used the group finder to find a fishing raid, with so many people around fishing it can be done in an hour or a little more.

The amazing thing here is people are friendly and talking, other people come by confused and asking “what is going on here?” and i answer “we love fishing” which is true but also we want to do these achievement quickly before BfA, because after that it’ll be hard to do them solo, it will take much more time.

So many people fishing, you don’t see this every day

Now trying to get the hidden look for Warlock artifact weapons, they need time to get the items, Affliction for example need 13 skulls from elites in Broken Isles, not any elites but the ones with a World Quest, so i only have 3 skulls so far, because these quests don’t show up so often, more than that the elite should be a humanoid or a demon, so some WQ don’t offer any skulls.

BFA is near, so i’m trying to clear quest logs, level up profession, do some reputation grind, finish what i can before BFA, in WoD player complained about the lack of content, now there is so much of it, but this is a good problem to have.